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Latest Posts

Review: U-Net+ResNet — The Importance of Long & Short Skip Connections (Biomedical Image…

A Very Deep Fully Convolutional Network (FCN), With Both Long & Short Skip Connections

Passive investors: Why You Should Only Invest in a Preferred Return Investment

If you ask just about anyone involved in investments, you’re sure to hear that investing in real estate is one of the major ways people…

Malware — Explained

Malware is a short name of the term called ‘malicious software’. Malware is a computer program which is used to attack and damage the…

New Technology Trends in Education for 2018

All the essential part of a classroom teaching which comprises the blackboard, chalks, textbooks and ink pens are gradually becoming a…

In Trusts We Trust, Or Bitcoin, If We Must

There is nothing more quintessentially English than afternoon tea, clotted cream and scones. And while the newfound wealth of the Chinese…

The value we can unlock when we combine mixed reality, AI and Blockchain

An interview with Toby Allen, founder of Jobs in XR

TRON — Data, Disruption & Decentralization

Justin Sun — Founder & CEO of TRON, Charmain & CEO of PEIWO and Now The CEO of BitTorrent is changing the entire landscape of Blockchain &…

Finding Your Identity

When your identity is rock solid, when you know your values, your beliefs and what you stand for . . . you’re playing a game you CANNOT…

Ripple Mining: An Urban Legend

If you’re just starting off on your crypto journey, you may have heard of the term “mining” being thrown around a lot. Mining in the…


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