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Data Driven Investor

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Data Science project management methodologies

General overview of existing methodologies

How to Change Peoples Viewpoint

We all have been in a meeting where one or more guys are super confident about their ideas, who grow impatient because nobody gets it.

Is Cigna Express Scripts Making Money? — Market Mad House

A great way to tell how lucrative pharmaceuticals are is to ask is Cigna Express Scripts making money. To explain, Cigna Corp (NYSE: CI)…

When is your turn?

“Action may not always bring happiness … but there is no happiness without action.” — Benjamin Disraeli

AR — The Future of Gaming

Videos games often get a bad rap and are blamed as being responsible for generating violent behavior in youth. However, the truth of the…

Never Use the Word “AI,” To Describe How Your Product Works. Here Are Some Better Options.

Buzzwords are the annoyance of every engineer and investor. Throwing vague phrases around without any idea if they even relate to your…

Sorting Algorithms — Part 2

In this article, We will continue our talk about sorting algorithms.

What Kombucha and Beards Taught Me about Innovation

tl;dr: Creativity and growth require inspiration and patience. Cultivating a hobby that builds this skill may be helpful

Why Your Free Dark Web Scan Doesn’t Matter

The Dark Web is the underbelly of the internet. What is really lurking down there?

How and why excessive foreign investment harms the US economy

It fuels asset bubbles, increases the trade deficit, unemployment, and debt


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