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Different generations have different needs, abilities and thoughts

Can Data Pay for Basic Income?

It is time to ask can data pay for a basic income, because of the huge profits Silicon Valley generates.

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If you have not heard of it, prepare yourself. The world is not going to be the same.


What if the light bulb was the cure to racism and classism?

Why There Is No Competition Between VCs

There are more and more Venture Capital funds on the market.  There is quite a common trend now that people, previously working in VC…

Why we shouldn’t treat Experts like God

Note: The views expressed in this article are my views alone and not the views of my employer or anyone else.

The Reason We Need Self-Driving Trucks

A Look At How Automation Will Transform The Trucking Industry

License Plate Region Detection for Automatic License Plate Recognition Systems

This is the primary step which takes place in any number plate detection system. In this step, we analyze the image to recognize the Region…


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