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Justin Chan

founder of where expertise and network generate value.

Peter Went

Data science rōnin. 浪人 I teach machines to learn and people to solve problems. Analytics, strategic leadership, machine learning, alternative data, and yoga.

Jim Katzaman - Get Out of Debt

Helping Americans shave years off of debt, cut thousands of dollars in interest, increase lifestyles and save for secure #retirement.

Henryk A. Kowalczyk

Many tell us what we should think. I write to encourage my readers to think for themselves. I write to ask you to inquire. Question me. Have fun.

Irshad Ahmad

Community Manager at Data Driven Investor. From confusion to clarity not insanity. Follow us on Medium (

Ramandeep Saini

A 15-year-old AI and IoT enthusiast hoping to solve global issues with exponential technologies.


Financial Imagineer


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