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Interested in artificial intelligence, machine learning, neural networks, data science, blockchain, technology, astronomy. Co-founder of Datathings, Luxembourg

Latest Posts

New to machine learning? Try to avoid these mistakes

The things I learned the hard way as a data scientist

Meta-Modelling Meta-Learning

Meta-modeling automatic machine learning process.

Dimensions and degrees of freedom

Number of features vs number of dimensions

Meta-Learning: Learning to Learn

Although artificial intelligence and machine learning are currently extremely fashionable, applying machine learning on real-life problems…

The conceptual arithmetics of concepts

How to capture, model, learn and process concepts

Neural networks fudging the numbers

Why do we still need data scientists?

Encoding concepts, categories and classes for neural networks

How to train a neural network for classification using softmax and logloss

Benchmarking BLAS libraries

BLAS (Basic Linear Algebra Subroutines) benchmarks for OpenBlas, Cuda, Eigen, CuSolver, CuBlas

Vectorized implementation of back-propagation

In a previous post, we explained the basic principles behind back-propagation and how Neural Networks work. In this post, we will explain…

What your location history tells about you?

At DataThings we are developing several reactive profiling tools (integrated into our GreyCat product) to better represent, visualise…


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