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Matt Delac

@UpabsOfficial and shecodes.io founder and creator of @MaterialPalette and WOW.js.


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How Hoang has made over $5500 in passive revenue thanks to UpLabs Premium

Hoang Thái is a web and mobile UI/UX Designer currently based in Vietnam 🇻🇳who is raking in the benefits of being an UpLabs Premium…

How passive income from UpLabs Premium is helping this Vietnam-based design team gain more freedom…

Farmer Studio is a design team skilled in Illustration, Graphic Design, and Isometric Design based in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam 🇻🇳 currently…

Introducing Nimasha Perera, an UpLabs Premium Seller who is increasing her passive income without…

Nimasha is a UI/UX Designer and Illustrator currently based in Sri Lanka 🇱🇰 who is making more passive revenue thanks to being a Premium…

Five things I learned from a Google senior designer in 50 minutes

I got to talk to Richard Fulcher on Hangouts as the prize for winning The MaterialUp Onboarding Challenge. Here’s what I learned:

Animated icons on Android

How to improve the user experience using animated icons with vector drawables on Android

What Google missed in their guidelines for Material Design iconography

Some details that go further from Google guidelines and that improves Material Design iconography.


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