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Danielle Lundquist

U.S. Marketing and PR Director @Fjord by day. Young adult novelist by night. Former journalist. Passionate about design, innovation, books and chocolate.


Design and Innovation from Accenture Interactive

Sam Sumpter

Brooklyn-based writer with Austin roots. And I don't trust people who don't like Seinfeld.

Elisabeth Edvardsen

In search of beauty.

Latest Posts

The Sardinner

Reflections on food, restaurants, branding and that finicky sequence of emotions we come to recollect as experience.

Ahead of the curb – How mobility in cities is evolving

Co-authored by Heather Martin, Group Design Director at Fjord London

Fjord’s Pride 2019 portrait series

Pride is about being unapologetically true to who you are. It’s also about being kind and open to people — whoever they are and whoever…

Best practices for combining data science and design

Written by Ricky Hennessy, Sheetal D Raina, & Amanda Ward — June, 2019

The empathy superpowers in LGBTQ+ designers

And how living a more truthful life can lead to disruption

Designing future homes: know your audience

Personas are dead. Think about how much you’ve changed since you first became aware of your home surroundings — I mean properly aware. For…

Designing future homes: we’ve got it all wrong

A human-first approach to designing homes of the future.

Innovation = Conversation + Doing

Are the right people able to have the right conversations with each other and enabled to work with each other in the right way?

What’s an inclusive brand, really

I was reading an article by a medical specialist Sara Nisula the other day (not because I’m in any way medical myself — I can just about…

Design: past, present and future(s)

Reflections on the expanding boundaries of design’s influence and relevance.


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