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A collection of developer experiences from wide domains like Python, JavaScript and Web Development

Naren Yellavula

Software Engineer | (( Python | Node.js | Go) & React.js) Author of Building RESTFul web services with Go | Lives in Bayern, Germany

Chaitra Ramaiah

A deep conduit connects heart to pen and camera, smitten by fitness bug, Wildlife lover, a programmer — printf (“WTF is life 🤔”);

Latest Posts

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Let’s face the facts. Only a minuscule technical coterie can face interviews with gusto.

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See how to optimize your Node.js programs by 90% using automatic back pressuring

A guide for adding JWT token-based authentication to your single page Node.js applications

JWT authentication is becoming very popular these days. The traditional authentication uses cookies and sessions. With the advent of Single…

A cup of Go’s concurrent programming for Python developers

Whenever someone works with Go’s goroutines and channels, they first try to compare them with threads in other programming languages…

A perfect guide for cracking a JavaScript interview (A developer’s perspective)

JavaScript in a nutshell for aspiring JS developers

Deploying Cloud Services & Applications Properly With Docker & Docker compose

Learn how to deploy your cloud services securely on docker using docker compose & docker networking


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