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Lucas Nuzzi

Director of Technology Research at Digital Asset Research (@DAR_Crypto). I write about #DistSys and #CryptoAssets. Immersed in Bitcoin since ’12. @LucasNuzzi

Greg Cipolaro

CEO of Digital Asset Research. I love tech, finance, and childhood nostalgia.

Latest Posts


Capital Formation Changes Form, Offered Large Returns For Those That Can Take Advantage

Crypto Spring is in the Air

The media has been hard-pressed to come up with a fundamental reason why the price of bitcoin suddenly jumped two weeks ago. While most…

Schnorr Signatures & The Inevitability of Privacy in Bitcoin

A look at the history of Schnorr Signatures and how they can solve two of the biggest challenges faced by Bitcoin.

The resolution of the Big Block experiment

Bitcoin’s unwillingness to hard-fork is often portrayed as a “failure to evolve,” but Bitcoin Cash’s history has proven otherwise.

Monero Becomes Bulletproof

A complete look at Monero’s current technology stack and the significance of a new proof system called Bulletproofs.

Crypto Accounting with Bitmain’s Filing

Last week, ASIC mining giant Bitmain filed documents to go public in Hong Kong. For those readers that haven’t had the chance to review…

Blockchain Forks Explained

Forks are a much discussed yet often misunderstood part of blockchains. While forks follow familiar patterns, each fork is unique and…

ZEC: Unmatched Privacy In a Public Blockchain

We recently spent close to 200 hours reviewing the entirety of the Zcash project and the ZEC cryptocurrency. Upon analyzing the project, it…

Generating Alpha with Mainnet Launches

Every quarter, we put together for our clients a presentation that highlights the important technical, regulatory, and market moving events…

The Three Branches of Blockchain Governance

At Digital Asset Research we focus on in-depth, objective blockchain research. We recently did a deep dive into Cardano’s governance system…


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