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Dies ist das Blog der Digital Frontiers GmbH & Co. KG ( Hier veröffentlichen wir zu Themen, die uns interessieren und bewegen.

Joachim Baumann

Management Consultant and Managing Director @dxfrontiers

Frank Scheffler

Senior Solution Architect @dxfrontiers

Florian Pfleiderer

Senior Consultant & Co-Founder @dxfrontiers

Latest Posts

How to customize the Spring Initializr

How to customize the Spring Initializr components to your own needs

Heimautomatisierung mit Alexa und Raspberry Pi — Teil 5

Die Lambda Funktion, die alles zusammenfügt

A Case for Pattern Matching

Or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Pattern

Creating a Spring Boot Starter for Flyway Pro & Enterprise

Paid editions of Flyway don’t work too well with Spring Boot’s AutoConfiguration. We developed a small library that solves this problem.

5 reasons why you should contribute to open source projects

Why it is worth to contribute to open source projects and how you can benefit from it

A Dance with Protocols: Kotlin, Spring and Protocol Buffers in Action

A REST-ful web application that produces and consumes binary protobuf messages

How we (are trying to) attract new colleagues.

As a company, we here at Digital Frontiers are trying to attract and engage with new colleagues. So, as part of our 20% time, I sat down…

Call for Attendees: Warum wir als Informatiker auf Konferenzen gehen sollten

Die IT entwickelt sich rasend schnell weiter — warum und wie Konferenzen uns helfen, Schritt zu halten

The Known Unknown: Working with Option and Nullable Types

A brief overview on two concepts that allow handling empty values safely in different languages


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