Erika Harano

examining power in, and of, design

Erika Harano

I care about discovering and designing meaningful, multimodal experiences that inspire critical thought and action.

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An incomplete list of UX design resources

Last updated 17 February 2019

Improving health requires behavior change. But whose behavior needs to change?

I recently attended a conference on health experience design and was turned off by the ways in which several presenters and workshop…

Re-designing the power of power

on Equity-Centered Community Design within spaces of power and privilege

UX Case Study: Blue Turtle Bodywork Website Design

How might we create a digital experience that authentically showcases Blue Turtle Bodywork’s value proposition, provides current and future…

UX Case Study: Goalful Productivity App

How might we better support people in creating, managing, and completing tasks that are centered on the goals they wish to accomplish?

UX Case Study: Working Bikes Website Redesign

How might we generate excitement, interaction, and clear communications between customers and staff of a popular local bike shop?

UX Case Study: creating a more niche grocery shopping experience

How might we support people in finding and buying the groceries for their specific dietary needs in a time-saving, cost-saving way?

UX Case Study: Mikva Action Civics Network

How might we build a robust online community with and for action civics educators?

UX Case Study: Permaculture Institute Website Redesign

How might we get people interested and invested in studying and practicing permaculture?


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