Publications tagged `POWER`
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GEN What matters now. A publication from Medium about politics, power, and culture. 100,705
Identity, Education and Power Pathways and Intersections of Understanding 510
everything is design(ed) examining power in, and of, design 199
’Til Queendom Come Real stories about the human experi (ment) ence. 40
DATA FEMINISM This publication showcases an edited selection of interviews from the book “Data Feminism” (MIT Press, 2020) by Catherine D’Ignazio and Lauren F. Klein. 19
Disability Power & Influence Nearly 1 in 4 Americans has a disability, yet individuals with disabilities are vastly underrepresented in professional and civic leadership roles. ADA 25 Advancing Leadership imagines a Chicago region where everyone has access to lead with power and influence. 18
Everyday Disruption What does a meaningful life look like and how do we put that into action? Change is rarely achieved through big shifts, but rather, through small incremental movement. Through everyday disruptions. 13
Area 84 Politics & Race 3
oneloop The official Hyperloop team of UC Davis 2