everything is full of gods

philosophy as a way of life.

Rodrigo Etcheto

An avid reader and student of philosophy and mathematics, his work focuses on the flow of time, change, impermanence, life/death, and tranquillity.

Latest Posts

Would you trigger the Big Bang?

If you found yourself at the beginning of time and were given the power to decide whether to start the Big Bang and all of the pain and…

Reality is a process for exploring meaning

If the universe is not random, it must be doing something.

Why even if you live forever, you will die

Change is a fundamental aspect of the nature of reality.

Only the flow exists

Absolutely everything you have ever seen or experienced is fundamentally the same. Only one thing truly exists, and it’s not a ‘thing’ but…

We are flows of matter

All matter flows, just like water. And just like the water in a rain-forest stream, when seen over a long enough period of time, all flows…

Philosophy as a way of life

Philosophy today has a bad reputation.

Is existence one kind of ‘thing’ or two ‘things’?

What kind of stuff exists in the universe?

What exists is not random

Modern people, especially those educated in science, fancy themselves to be hard-nosed rational materialists. The universe, they tell us…

On Existence

Why isn’t reality ‘nothing’?


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