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Eric Langberg

Interests: bad horror movies, queering mainstream films, Classic Hollywood.

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A Moment In The Reeds (2017) is a deeply-empathetic, intensely-intimate film

A review of the exceptional Finnish film, only 99¢ to rent on iTunes and Amazon this week

My 2018 in Film

the year i lost moviepass, gained amc a-list, wished aunt lucy a happy birthday, and finally tracked everything i watched!

Sophia Takal’s evil-influencers horror movie, ‘NEW YEAR, NEW YOU,’ is the perfect way to end 2018

A review of Hulu & Blumhouse’s 4th installment of ‘Into the Dark’

A stellar cast makes Netflix’s BIRD BOX a worthy addition to this year’s class of excellent horror…

And, its idea of “family” is one of the more progressive of the year

New thriller ‘BAD MATCH’ is a clever, fun subversion of misogynistic ‘FATAL ATTRACTION’ knockoff…

The plot of Bad Match, a new thriller streaming now on Netflix, seems at first like a tale as old as time: Boy meets girl, boy uses girl…


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