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Alan has been a developer for more than 15 years. Then he become a startup CEO. These are the notes on various things from his perspective.

Alan Mendelevich

I run AdDuplex - a cross-promotion network for Windows apps. Blog at https://blog.ailon.org. Author of "Conferences for Introverts"

Latest Posts

Detecting Tablet Mode in JavaScript… Slightly Incorrectly

For the past 10+ years my perfect computer setup was a 2-in-1 PC docked to a proper desktop setup — external monitor(s), keyboard, mouse…

Diagrams: A New Web App for Visualizing Your Ideas

Create flowcharts, org charts, mind maps, network and other diagrams. This new open-source progressive web app is now available.

Microdosing Out of Procrastination

When all the “classic” ways to break the procrastination loop failed to produce results, this tiny modification helped me snap out of it.

Introducing MJS Diagram — Diagramming components for your web apps

MJS Diagram is a set of web components for adding diagramming into web applications. Create and display Flowcharts, Org Charts, and more.

AdDuplex Post-Mortem. Part 7: In the End

The final years of AdDuplex and my macro lessons learned and thoughts on the whole journey and the startup world.

AdDuplex Post-Mortem. Part 6: Pivots

Why didn’t we pivot to Android and iOS, and what we actually did.

AdDuplex Post-Mortem. Part 5: Growing Pains — Hiring, Technology, Business

This is probably the most important part in the series. It covers our growth and attempts to grow in a non-linear fashion.

AdDuplex Post-Mortem. Part 4: VC Money

In this part I cover how we raised our seed round and then contemplate on the idea that raising VC wasn’t the best route for AdDuplex.

PSA: Slack Holds Your Messages Hostage

I’m in the process of cancelling services as part of the winding down of AdDuplex. Most of it went well, but then there’s Slack…

AdDuplex Post-Mortem. Part 3: Startup Sauna and Silicon Valley

In this one I cover our startup accelerator experience including a fund-raising trip to Silicon Valley.


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