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Amber Discko

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Feeling — and Desiring — Like a Woman

I never questioned being a girl. But I didn’t like what others thought came with being one: getting treated as an object, and being told…

The Power of Red Lipstick

Red lipstick has always been a signifier of confidence to me, but I never felt sophisticated enough to wear it. Red screams confidence and…

Unaccompanied Girl

I identify with the word “girl.” I like how the word sounds and the feeling of being a brave girl: a girl who walks under a moon, a girl…

Burping in Public: Lessons From Mom on Femininity

My mom got a kick out of burping in public, refusing to talk in her “inside voice” as she leaned over to let one rip. She could guzzle down…


When you look at it, it looks like just a word — and yet it’s so much more. It is, to me anyway, power in and of itself. I ran from it…

Will You Take Me Seriously in Pink?

The low heels of my shoes clattered loudly as I climbed the stairs to my new office. As an American intern in East London, I was already…

My Existential Crisis as a Femme-Presenting Trans Man

Since the day I came out as a trans man, people have assumed that I would drop my femininity like a bad habit.

Heels and Arrows

I was lounging like George Costanza on the tattoo table, my jeans rolled up to expose the inside of my left ankle. My best friend was in a…

On Being A Dangerous Woman

In 2015, you couldn’t pay me a million dollars to fall in love ever again. My boyfriend of 8 years felt suffocated in our relationship, and…

I’ve Never Been This Happy

How do we measure happiness?


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