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Latest Posts

Philippe Saisse Trio grooves lightly on remastered ‘Body And Soul Sessions’

Philippe Saisse Trio’s The Body and Soul Sessions trips lightly, thoughtfully, over a lovely assortment of pop/R&B hits and jazz covers…

Michael O’Neill Quintet’s ‘Pacific Standard Time’ rolls out nuanced non-standard jazz covers

You’ll either love or hate Santana singer Tony Lindsay’s audacious bump and groove

Everything old is new again

Michel Camilo’s ‘Essence’ encapsulates 40-year history of dynamic jazz animation

Sight-Read Like a Computer

The complicated technique broken down into intuitive steps.

‘Renditions’ sneaks up on you

Three-time Na Hoku winner Maggie Herron follows up a string of award-winning originals with jazz standards done right

Wishing Dave Mustaine a Speedy Recovery

Serious diagnosis but Dave is a fighter!

Halie Loren’s ‘From The Wild Sky’: hers, yours and mine

The NW artist’s latest album is a bit of a jazz departure, surprisingly full of bankable pop songs that go surprisingly deep. It’s all for…

Death Angel — Humanicide (Album Review)

Band’s 9th studio album, 6th after their re-union in 2001.

The trouble with Taylor Swift’s latest single

‘You Need To Calm Down’ is trending for all the wrong reasons

The Yellowjackets’ new album sings of a light fantastic

Luciana Souza gives ‘Raising Our Voice’ beautiful Brazilian shape


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