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Latest Posts

Memorable Album Covers of 2021

The vinyl resurgence continued at a furious pace in 2021. By mid-year, vinyl sales were up 94 percent from the year before. The week ending…

Why ‘Get Back’ Matters

I blubbered like one of those teens in concert footage of the Beatles at Shea Stadium as I watched them perform on the rooftop in Part 3 of…

Roger Taylor — Outsider (Album Review)

I don’t know if I have some recency bias, but this might be my favorite Roger Taylor solo album.

The Passion of the Rolling Stones

I swore I would never write one of those “Lessons I Learned from the Rolling Stones” blog posts.

How Jim Morrison Lives through Rock Mythology

In 1985, I crossed paths with Danny Sugerman, co-author of the controversial biography of Jim Morrison, No One Here Gets Out Alive. By the…

The 1970s Pop Jag and the “Disco Sucks” Conundrum

When we talk about the Top Ten, that dubious arbiter of “quality,” as if piles of cash equate with inherent value, let’s all remember that…

Everybody Hurts — A Decade Since REM Called It Quits

… and couldn’t this world really do with them right now?

O Brothers, Where Art Thou?

The history of brother groups in the music industry


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