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Eternal sorrow, felt deeply

Na Hoku Hanohano Award winner absorbs grief and loss in intimate ‘Your Refrain’

How Eddie Van Halen Helped Michael Jackson Become More Culturally Relevant with “Beat It”

Social media continues to erupt with comments about Eddie Van Halen, who passed away October 6, a victim of cancer. Most of the posts…

Underrated Lineups Vol. 2

Two More Underrated Lineups on Vol. 2

Bob Marley’s “Survival” in the Current Moment of “So Much Trouble”

“Survival”, released in 1979, was Bob Marley and The Wailer’s eleventh studio album. By then, Marley was well past the market barriers…

Underrated Lineups Vol. 1

Knowing that anything in life can be underrated, I realized some lineups indeed are! Vol. 1 in a new series.

Testament — Titans of Creation (Album Review)

There is a stronger sense of collaboration on this album, and I hope it continues for future releases.

Hook, Line and Sinker for

Denny Zeitlin’s ‘Live at Mezzrow’

The Devil Will Not Win Tonight

R.I.P., Charlie Daniels

Why Kanye West Hijacked the Fourth of July

Just when you thought it was safe to kick back and celebrate a socially distanced July 4 weekend, along comes Kanye West to create his own…


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