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Latest Posts

tobiah: internal dialogue for social media

“You don’t just hear my music, you feel it…”

pop song

in need of your music

Thoughts on Amp Modeling

My thoughts on amp modeling in general, as well as certain products I like to use.

What Were They Thinking? How the University of Kansas Made Snoop Dogg Dangerous

God bless Snoop Dogg for proving that music still has the power to provoke.

Historic DeMiero Festival gives vocal jazz students a thrill

Every year, jazz students by the busloads — roughly 1,500 — arrive at the Edmonds Center for the Arts to find their voice.

While his little guitar gently rocks

Jake Shimabukuro strikes lightning in a bottle

Foraging in the dark, illuminating tight spaces

Kimiko Ishizaka’s ‘New Me!’ draws inspiration from harmonic jazz, Baroque Bach, and other classical surprises

When the music becomes your destiny

Let me take you inside my head for a few minutes. This is what it has sounded like there for the past two years. There… starting at around…

Michael Franks and Steely Dan walk into a bar…

Monkey House trips off buoyant horn medleys and subversive lyric flagrancy in ‘Friday’

“Born to Run”: How an Album Cover Celebrated Bruce Springsteen’s Band of Brothers

We remember Bruce Springsteen and Clarence Clemons as being kindred spirits and successful band mates. And the album cover of Born to Run…


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