Fluxx Studio Notes

Inspiring stories about designing businesses and services that work.

Tom Whitwell

Consultant at Fluxx, reformed journalist, hardware designer.

Richard Poole

Managing Partner at Fluxx. Devoted to finding innovative ways of solving problems. Design with data, create stuff that works.

Dean Wilson

Consultant at Fluxx. Punditry, purpose and practice.

Paul Dawson

Partner at Fluxx : Experience Design & Innovation. Developing new products for great brands. @poleydee on Twitter. My photographic alter-ego is @poleydeepics

Fluxx Studios

Big thinking, brought to life. Our unique blend of creativity and practical intelligence delivers innovative and profitable digital products and services.

Ariel Lerner

Innovation consultant at Fluxx

Adam Slawson

Change consultant + Founder of Plight Club

Peter Hay

Senior Consultant at Fluxx Ltd

Richard 'Tricky' Bassett

Creative Director @fluxxstudios where we use design thinking to help organisations change and innovate at pace.

Lucy Willett

Strategist — Business Designer — Experience Planner @ http://fluxx.uk.com

Adam Sweeney

Consultant | Culture Change @ Fluxx.uk.com

Jenny Burns

Executive Partner at Fluxx


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