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FnPlus is a blended, peer learning platform driven by self-organizing communities. We are on a mission to bridge the skill-gap using Informal learning strategies like project-based learning which also promotes soft-skills such as collaboration, empathy, and innovation.

Abhishek Uniyal

I'm an eclectic trying to make an impact in the world. I love working & playing at the intersection of science, art, and philosophy.

Som webster

Afraid of spiders but in love with web.

Latest Posts

Currying in Javascript — Javascript weekly — Cloudnweb

In this article, we will see what is currying and why we need it. Currying in Javascript — Javascript weekly

Flutter and Firebase — E01: Firebase Auth (Email and Password)

This is the beginning of Flutter and Firebase series.

My weekend at Bangalore’s AngelHack Hackathon

TLDR; One of those rare productive weekends

DGIM Algorithm

I wanted to write a blog from the past few days. I did have some ideas but did not know on what exactly should I start with. Recently…


Wouldn’t it have been better if evaluating Recommender Systems’ algorithms were as easy as evaluating other machine learning algorithms…

7 things I learnt as an Intern.

I had completed the #100DaysofMLCode Challenge and I had got a good experience working in Python and a head start into the world of Machine…

Google I/O ’19 Extended Chennai

A lot of you might know about Google I/O which is an annual developer conference. This event is usually extended to other cities and…

A Deeper Dive Into Linear Regression!

Do we really know what a Linear Regression is?

Cloud Firestore | kotlin

Google’s Cloud Firestore is NoSQL database which is a flexible, scalable database for mobile, web, and server development. Are you…

React Props and States

React, A JavaScript library for building User Interfaces (which I got from here) and even though it’s very popular in the javascript world.


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