Frankl Open Science

Frankl - an open science platform on the ethereum blockchain

Peter Godbolt

@peterontheblock. All things blockchain, and a few things not.

Jon Brock

Cognitive scientist, science writer, and co-founder of Frankl Open Science. Thoughts my own, subject to change.

Latest Posts

“This whole area of research is hampered by people working in silos.”

Neuropsychologist Prof Greg Savage explains the thinking behind the Frankl dementia app

You’ve heard of open data. But what is FAIR data?

Talking to Kate LeMay from the Australian Research Data Commons and Lambert Heller from the TIB Open Science Lab

VIDEO dev update: open source encryption microservice

It’s been a busy start to the year at Frankl with our dementia assessment dapp in progress and an autism assessment project under…

Frankl founder Dr Jon Brock features in Science Meets Business

How did you first identify the business gap that led to Frankl? What have been the biggest challenges in your first year? What is your…

PRESS RELEASE: Scientists build new tool aimed at early diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease

For years, neuropsychologist Professor Greg Savage has been figuring out how to detect Alzheimer’s disease earlier. Now he’s teamed up…

Ensuring value in research

Frankl reports from the NHMRC Annual Research Translation Symposium

Frankl dapp development kicks off

This week, renowned blockchain developer Lucas Cullen began work on stage one of Frankl’s first dapp.

Can blockchain put the trust back into science?

Frankl reports from the first international Blockchain for Science Conference in Berlin

The Frankl UK roadtrip

Monday sees the start of the first ever Blockchain for Science conference. I’m excited to be attending, representing Frankl, and meeting…

PRESS RELEASE: Wellcome puts Trust in Aussie startup Frankl

The UK’s Wellcome Trust has awarded Australian startup Frankl Open Science a grant to develop a blockchain-enabled application that will…


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