Friend is the first open source virtual cloud computer that puts the user in the driver's seat.

Hogne Titlestad

CTA/COO of Friend Software Corporation

Hogne Titlestad

Inventor of the Friend Platform, Chief Technology Architect

Adam P. Spring

Technologist, thinker & communicator. 3D egghead; natural eye for emerging technologies and user trends. More @

Paul Lassa

CPO for Friend Software Labs

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Bringing GIS technology and OpenStreetMap to Friend

Transcending the Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs

Is Earth Positivity the key to Transcending the Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs?

Don’t be fooled, Facebook will always treat users like commodities

You are worth £142 to Facebook. That is the financial figure attached to your scrolling through self-indulgent statuses. And the same goes…

Friend Software Labs is moving development to Github

The FriendUP project is maturing, and in order to increase the scope of our development activity and include open source developers from…

On-boarding many users — both time and cost intensive — unless you have virtual computers

This article is the second in a series of two — the first article explained what a virtual computer is and why a user wants/needs/uses it…

The Friend Network Token (FRND)

Be rewarded for your hardware

What the heck is a virtual computer

Here at Friend Software Labs we are creating the internet operating system and talk about virtual cloud computers. What is that? A virtual…

Friend — THE Internet Operating System

The Internet is becoming the place where we communicate, work, play and evolve our shared global culture. It has become an integral part of…

Friend Software Labs Releases FriendUP v1.2 Release Candidate

After many months of development, we’re proud to release the first candidate of Friend version 1.2 — a public pre-release of the next…

Friend Weekly Update #9



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