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Latest Posts

TensorFlow Lite Model Maker: Build an Image Classifier for Android

Building machine learning models for edge devices just got a whole lot easier

Enhancing Word Suggestions for Auto-completing Text in Android

Adjusting how we calculate the Levenshtein distance for text autocompletion on Android

Apple’s Reality Composer: Bring Mars into Your Living Room with AR

Create augmented reality experiences in Reality Composer.

Using Google Cloud AutoML Edge Image Classification Models in Python

Exporting AutoML edge models and running inference in Python

SwiftUI: Making Views More Dynamic and Reusable

How to use parameters and bindings to make views more dynamic, reusable, and testable

Card Scanner on Android Using Firebase ML Kit and CameraX

Leveraging on-device text recognition to extract key information from business and other card types

Attention Model in an Encoder-Decoder

An influential model in an encoder-decoder mechanism

Building a Neural Network From Scratch Using Python (Part 2): Testing the Network

Write every line of code and understand why it works


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