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Michigan. MIT. Data.

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Latest Posts

Monitoring Social Distancing Using People Detection

Hello readers, At a time of crisis like COVID 19, we need to come up with certain measures to cope with it. This deadly virus has affected…

Announcing Fritz AI’s Support for SnapML in Lens Studio

Enhance your Snapchat AR Lenses with machine learning

Create a Custom AI-Powered Snapchat Lens with Fritz AI Studio

Leverage Fritz AI to quickly generate a dataset, train a classification model, and deploy directly to Lens Studio

Exploring Optimizers in Machine Learning

A guide to the widely used Optimizer functions, and a breakdown of their benefits and limitations

H2O AutoML + Big Data Processing with Apache Spark

Leverage the speed and scalability of H2O AutoML with the big data processing capabilities of Apache Spark

Train Neural Networks Using a Genetic Algorithm in Python with PyGAD

Learn how to leverage a genetic algorithm to train more performant neural networks for regression and classification

Getting Started with Image Segmentation Using TensorFlow.js

Background removal for people with BodyPix.js

TensorFlow Lite Model for On-Device Housing Price Predictions

Predict housing prices on your smartphone

How Do AI-Based Drones Work?

The Main Benefits and Potential of Using AI with Drone Systems

Object Detection with Flutter and TensorFlow Lite

How to develop an object detector mobile application with Flutter, using TensorFlow Lite and SSD MobileNet


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