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Latest Posts

Introducing the Fritz AI Dataset Generator for Mobile Machine Learning

Generate ready-to-train datasets of 1000s of accurately-labeled images…in a matter of minutes

Compute Image Similarity Using Computer Vision in iOS

Determine the Euclidean distance between images using their feature prints

Heartbeat Newsletter: Vol. 80

ARCore’s Depth API, Seeing AI adds 5 languages, Mozilla’s DeepSpeech, on-device portrait segmentation, ML Kit + ARKit, and more

Image Labeling on Android in Kotlin using Fritz AI and CameraX

Identifying and labeling objects on-device and in real-time

Creating Python Virtual Environments with Conda: Why and How

An easier way to install packages and dependencies

2019’s Top Machine and Deep Learning Research Papers

Reviewing the best-of-the-year in ML and DL research

Training a TensorFlow Lite model for mobile using AutoML Vision Edge

Using Google’s AutoML solution for mobile-ready model training.

Computer Vision in iOS: Determine the Best Facial Expression in Live Photos

Implementation of Vision Framework’s new face capture quality request

How Computer Vision Is Disrupting Different Industries

Computer vision is growing at a 10% CAGR every five years, making an impact on healthcare, security, retail, and agriculture.


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