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Latest Posts

Building a Content-based Image Search Engine (Part 1)

Finding the right image similarity algorithm

Make Your Own Deepfake Video in a Few Easy Steps

A simple guide on how to create your own Deepfake video

Introduction to hand detection in the browser with Handtrack.js and TensorFlow

Real-time hand detection in the browser with a webcam and TensorFlow.js

Detect Users’ Activity in Android Using the Transition API

Leveraging Android device sensors and the Transition API to detect activity

Federated Learning Demo in Python (Part 1): Client-Server Application

Implementing a client-server application using socket programming

CVPR 2020: Research with Mobile ML Implications

A focused look at research from CVPR 2020 that touched or has implications for mobile or edge-related tasks

Constructing a 3D Face Mesh from Face Landmarks in Real-Time with TensorFlow.js and Plot.js

Face landmark recognition and plotting using TensorFlow.js and plotly 3D

Hands-on with Feature Engineering Techniques: Handling Date time and Mixed Variables

Extract features from date and time variables in a dataset using Python

LiDAR & Camera Fusion in Self-Driving Cars

Sensor fusion is one of the key aspects in self-driving cars.


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