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Dan Abdinoor

CTO & Cofounder @ Fritz.ai

Jameson Toole

Michigan. MIT. Data.

Austin Kodra

Head of Community - Heartbeat, by Fritz

Latest Posts

Using Firebase’s Cloud Firestore in Flutter

Very rarely do we find mobile apps that have no connection to a backend of any sort. There are many services and platforms like Azure or…

Heartbeat Newsletter Vol. 42

ML selfies, an automated camera operator, and more

Instantly deploy your Core ML model on Maive without writing an iOS app

Build, test, and share your Core ML image classification with the world.

Build an AI-Powered Artistic Style Transfer App with Fritz and React Native

In recent months, we’ve seen a proliferation of tools, platforms, and even hardware intended to move AI and machine learning closer to…

Working with the OpenCV Camera for Android: Rotating, Orienting, and Scaling

TLDR: OpenCV’s camera doesn’t handle portrait mode by default. Grab the code below and drop it into CameraBridgeViewBase to utilize the…

Working with TensorFlow 2.0 Alpha

With the release of TensorFlow 2.0 Alpha during the TensorFlow Developer Summit, we’d like to take a moment and look at how we can use it…

Edge TPU: Hands-On with Google’s Coral USB Accelerator

What is Edge AI, and why does it matter?

Firebase Cloud Messaging for Remote Push Notifications on Android with Xamarin

Push notifications—being one of the most integral parts of a mobile application—should be one of the first things you configure while…

Heartbeat Newsletter: Vol. 41

TensorFlow Dev Summit 2019: The Mobile Bits

Welcoming Deep Learning Weekly to the Heartbeat Community

We’re thrilled to announce that Deep Learning Weekly is joining the Heartbeat community!


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