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Michigan. MIT. Data.

Austin Kodra

Head of Community - Heartbeat, by Fritz (fritz.ai)

Latest Posts

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Classifying news categories in an iOS app using machine learning

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Building a real-time weather app with location data the OpenWeatherMap API

Error Handling in Swift

Optionals, failable intializers, try/catch, and more

Image Classification on Android using a Keras Model Deployed in Flask

Predicting handwritten digits in a mobile app

Heartbeat Newsletter Vol. 63

Google Maps AR directions, Ask TensorFlow (Lite), Model personalization with Core ML 3, GitHub’s CI/CD update, and more

MakeML’s Automated Video Annotation Tool for Object Detection on iOS

Track and label video frames automatically to create a custom dataset for object detection models on iOS

Using Generative Deep Learning Models On-Device, Part 2: Text & Audio

Creating text and audio on mobile devices with machine learning

Using Core ML and Natural Language for Sentiment Analysis on iOS

Classifying IMBD reviews on-device in Swift


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