Powerful machine learning on any device.

Dan Abdinoor

CTO & Cofounder @ Fritz.ai

Jameson Toole

Michigan. MIT. Data.

Austin Kodra

Head of Community - Heartbeat, by Fritz (fritz.ai)

Latest Posts

What is Machine Learning?

Definitions and examples to get you started on your ML journey

Introducing Fritz Pet and Sky Segmentation

Announcing two new flavors of segmentation

Firebase User Authentication in Flutter

Personalizing user authentication

What Went Down at WWDC 2019

This year’s WWDC conference in a nutshell. 🥜

AI and Machine Learning Landscape (Part 4): End-to-End ML Platforms

Platforms to power your organization’s end-to-end AI needs

Pre-Trained Machine Learning Models vs Models Trained from Scratch

Note: This article is inspired by FAIR’s paper — Rethinking ImageNet Pre-training

Build a Custom Modal with the Animated API in React Native

Building custom modals to create better user experiences

Handling Background Tasks with Kotlin Coroutines in Android

Intro to handling background tasks — efficiently!

MDacne uses mobile machine learning to offer customized skin care plans

Democratizing the treatment of acne with affordable, personalized skin care.

8 Queen Puzzle Optimization Using a Genetic Algorithm in Python

This tutorial uses a genetic algorithm (GA) for optimizing the 8 Queen Puzzle.


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