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Depths of Big Data Platform at Getir: Streaming

The project reflects MongoDB changes on Redshift in the big data platform in near real-time.

Adventures In Image Processing: Using The Right Tool For The Job

The field of image processing is ripe with such analogies. Smart people all over the world have been working on image processing for…

Spark at Getir and a Story of a Strange Bug

At Getir, all the decisions we make and the services we run heavily depend on data. To analyze and process these data, we have been using…

We’ve Got Some Awesome Problems

There’s not a day that goes by in the startup life that is Getir when I do not have a couple of moments of being overwhelmed by all the…

Handling Multiple Projects Node Package Dependencies At Getir

At Getir we prefer microservice architecture and use Node.js in several of our core projects. For that reason we rely on multiple public…


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