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P-hacking: Common mistakes and how to avoid them

“[p-hacking] is the misuse of data analysis to find patterns in data that can be presented as statistically significant when in fact there…

P-hacking: Erros comuns e como evitá-los

“[p-hacking] é o uso indevido de análise de dados para encontrar padrões em dados que podem ser apresentados como estatisticamente…

Android ViewModel LiveData boilerplate

Desde que o Google anunciou o Android Jetpack no Google I/O 2018, despertou minha curiosidade, principalmente a parte de Architeture por…

Released grumpy-runtime v0.3.0

The Golang-made Python "interpreter" is now installable via pip on Linux, macOS and Android. Featuring a more near-drop-in replacement of…

Creating a Multidisciplinary Data Science Squad: Upsides and Challenges

Nearly every technology company has a Data Science area, but this field still is very young in the industry. The technical part is the most…

The 18 books I read this year that worth me more than a PhD in Data Science

In 2016 I was at the first year of my PhD in Data Science while I worked as a Data Scientist at GetNinjas. I had already finished all of…

Go vs CPython: Visual comparison of concurrency and parallelism options

Using MPG diagrams to see the differences between Threading, Multiprocessing and Asyncio, the 3 official CPython options, and Go Runtime.

Creating a Data Science Team from scratch

In this article I describe how we started our Data Science Team here at GetNinjas, what are the skillset of the team members, how we…

Pain Points of GraphQL

The main issues you probably will face developing a GraphQL API


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