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2019 Zero Draft Thirty September Challenge!

30 days. Fade In. Fade Out. Write an entire zero draft.

Screenwriting Advice From The Past: Writing for the Censors [Part 2]

“While no human mind can remember the innumerable conflicting rules of these small town boards, since each local censor has his own ideas…

Daily Dialogue theme next week: One Word

Join the Daily Dialogue crew: 4,118 consecutive days and counting.

2019 Scene-Writing Challenge: Week 3

Here are all of Week 3’s prompts for this year’s Scene-Writing Challenge.

Daily Dialogue — August 24, 2019

Romeo: O, wilt thou leave me so unsatisfied? Juliet: What satisfaction canst thou have tonight? Romeo: The exchange of thy love’s faithful…

Reader Question: How should I handle an event where I will meet a Hollywood writer-producer?

Wherein I provide the single best piece of advice to a writer… ever.

2019 Scene-Writing Challenge: Day 15

Write some scenes. Win a great prize.

Writing and the Creative Life: The Virtues of Spacing Out and Goofing Off

Finally, science is good for something! Spacing out rules!

Daily Dialogue — August 23, 2019

Boy: What’s your name again? Chrissie: Chrissie. Boy: Where are we going? Chrissie: Swimming.

3 Trends Screenwriters Need to Heed

Changes in technology and entertainment platforms is having an effect on how to approach writing a screenplay.


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