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The Theology of Cinema: Redemption

“Metaphorically bondage can translate into being tied to some event or circumstance in the past, a character bound to it emotionally, even…

Go Into The Story Script Reading & Analysis: “1917”

The entire 6 part series delving into the award-winning World War I drama.

Great Scene: “Amadeus”

Compare screenplay to screen: The wondrous scene in which Mozart dictates the Requiem Mass to Salieri.

Interview: Bong Joon Ho

Several interviews with the writer-director of Parasite which won 4 Academy Awards: Best Film, Best Foreign Film, Best Director, Best…

Script Analysis: ‘1917’ — Part 6: Takeaway

Read the script for the award-winning war drama and analyze all week.

Daily Dialogue theme next week: Departure

Join the Daily Dialogue crew: 4,293 consecutive days and counting.

Movie Recommendation: ‘Come As You Are’

Interviews, background, and reflections on the hugely entertaining independent feature film which opens this weekend.

Daily Dialogue — February 15, 2020

Charlie: Look, kid, I — how much you weigh, son? When you weighed one hundred and sixty-eight pounds you were beautiful. You coulda been…

2020 London Screenwriters’ Festival

Pleased to announce I will be returning to the LSF in April.


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