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Page One: “Singles” (1992)

Written by Cameron Crowe

Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary Characters

Not every character is created equal, but how we treat each one is equally important.

Black List writers on the craft: Theme

“Every writer has their own life experiences, their own point of view, so the way they see the world often dictates the theme.”

Great Scene: “Inception”

Cobb wakes up. He’s home. Finally, home. But… is it real?

Interview (Written): David S. Goyer

And in-depth conversation with the writer producer whose movie credits include Dark City, Blade, Batman Begins, and Man of Steel.

Page One: “Silver Linings Playbook” (2012)

Screenplay by David O. Russell, novel by Matthew Quick

Black List writers on the craft: Theme (Part 5)

“The good news is that, in talented writers, I think theme comes out organically. It’s not something you have to force. But it is something…

The Protagonist’s Journey as Fate

“What we call fate comes not from outside us but from within.”

Script to Screen: “Witness”

The movie’s title exists for a reason: Samuel witnesses a brutal murder.


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