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Reader Question: How to go about the query letter process?

“Is there any direction as to how to go about the query process? Should I target a few dream-list agencies or should I paint the town with…

Why Low-Budget Horror Will Never Die

“But for all this buzz, just how many filmmakers and producers working in this high- (or low-, depending on how you look at it) end world…

Writing and the Creative Life: 14 Artists Break Down the Creative Process

Words of wisdom from filmmakers, poets, architects, sculptors, dancers, musicians, and more.

Daily Dialogue — November 15, 2019

Miles: Where do you live? Buck: In the city. Miles: You have a house? Buck: Apartment. Miles: Own or rent? Buck: Rent. Miles: What do you…

If you’re stuck in your writing…

A modest suggestion on how to find inspiration on the page.

The Return of Family Films?

With the launch of Disney Plus, the company is making live-action family movies like they used to do.

The Business of Screenwriting: Everything You Wanted to Know About Specs [Part 7]

“Having a major producer attached — somebody with a studio deal, multiple credits, relationships at the major agencies, independent…

Daily Dialogue — November 14, 2019

Detective Fronteiri: You filmed him dying. Lou Bloom: That’s my job, that’s what I do, I’d like to think if you’re seeing me you’re having…

The Importance of Theme in Writing a Screenplay About an Historical Figure

“You may very well have to shape the details and contour of your central character’s life-story to make it a movie. As they say in…


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