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Sundays with Stephen King’s “On Writing”

A series featuring reflections on writing from the famed author’s memoir.

Writing Reflections on Carl Jung

A 5-part series on Jung, psychology, and the the writing craft.

Script To Screen: “Fight Club”

The ending to the 1999 movie Fight Club, screenplay by Jim Uhls, novel by Chuck Palahniuk.

The Theology of Cinema: Purgatory

“If we look at purgatory metaphorically, a circumstance in which the visitor must suffer in the ‘furnace of affliction in order to…

Page One: “What About Bob?” (1991)

Screenplay by Tom Schulman, story by Alvin Sargent, Laura Ziskin

Character Development Tools: Questionnaire and Biography

Links to 20+ online resources to help you delve into any character’s personal history and personality.

Reflections on Carl Jung : Become Who You Are

Carl Jung’s theory of individuation is directly applicable to the Protagonist’s journey in a screenplay.

Movies You Made: “Adage”

A beautiful short film shot entirely with an iPhone 13.

Interview (Video): Jordan Peele

The writer-director of Get Out shares 10 screenwriting tips

Page One: “The Way Way Back” (2013)

Written by Nat Faxon, Jim Rash


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