Publications tagged `HOLLYWOOD`
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Go Into The Story Official Screenwriting Blog of The Black List 24,985
The Black List Blog This is the official blog of The Black List 19,578
The Hollywood Reporter The Hollywood Reporter 819
Taste — Movies & TV Taste App provides personalize recommendation for movies and TV by connecting you with likeminded people 202
The Salmon Pages Hollywood News, Punched-Up 74
Picture Palace Loren Kantor is a passionate writer and woodcut artist with a love for movies, music and old Los Angeles. 22
Oscar Bait The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has been handing out Oscars since 1929; sometimes it gets it right 6
The Good, The Brad, and the Ugly Bradley writes stuff. 5
Reel Dads A publication for the fans of films from Oscar fare to Superhero films to Snowpiercer. Fostering an environment for fans of movies, actors, actresses, or directors to have real conversations about pictures we love. 3
Old Hat Cinema Old Hat is dedicated to the Golden Era of Hollywood, a period extending from roughly 1929 to 1960, and features reviews of classic movies, mini biographies and tributes to great actors, fun trivia facts, and other cool content. 2
Stellar If it’s from Bryce & Jackie Zabel, then it’s a Stellar production! 1
Act Your Heart Out Act Your Heart Out is a publication dedicated to getting back to the love and joy of acting. We go behind the scenes on the ins and outs of an actor’s craft. We uncover the thing that fuels our purpose, to fulfill our soul and impact an audience. 0