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The front page of Deep Tech. Don't miss the latest advancements in artificial intelligence, machine learning, and blockchain. Straight from practitioners.

Sherman Lee

Founder @Raven_Protocol working on decentralized and distributed deep learning. Partner @Zeroth_AI funding AI/blockchain projects. Contributor @Forbes @HuffPost


world traveler, programmer, passion seeker, entrepreneur, positive energizer, living in the moment.

Kait Hanerfeld

Marketing Specialist at My-Take. We love to help organizations create smart connections with their consumers.đź’ˇ

Good Audience

The Front Page of Deep Tech. Don’t miss the latest advancements in blockchain, crypto, and artificial intelligence. Directly from the minds of practitioners.

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Watch FREE presentations from Polkadot, Kava labs, Nuo Network, Band Protocol, and many more.

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Nanotechnology is a nutshell.

Growth Hacking YouTube For Views Funneling Into Clicks and Referrals

See this article in it’s original form on!

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Cryptocurrencies have become increasingly popular in the last few years, a fact that has paved the way for startups and new projects to…

Getting Blockchain Out of Its Own Way

Never overestimate consumer tech-savviness

Always, Follow the Money. Buy Crypto

Investors recognize the unique investment characteristics of cryptocurrencies

OKEx is set to Add Options Trading to its suite of products

Malta-based cryptocurrency exchange OKEx announced that it will launch crypto options trading on Dec. 27.


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