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The front page of Deep Tech. Don't miss the latest advancements in artificial intelligence, machine learning, and blockchain. Straight from practitioners.

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Sherman Lee

Founder @Raven_Protocol working on decentralized and distributed deep learning. Partner @Zeroth_AI funding AI/blockchain projects. Contributor @Forbes @HuffPost


world traveler, programmer, passion seeker, entrepreneur, positive energizer, living in the moment.

Kait Hanerfeld

Account Executive @goodaudience, We love to help businesses curate and grow the right audience :)

Good Audience

The Front Page of Deep Tech. Don’t miss the latest advancements in blockchain, crypto, and artificial intelligence. Directly from the minds of practitioners.

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Neural Artistic Style Transfer Explained

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A research driven foray into user behaviors on Ethereum

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The auto industry has been in the spotlight of late, as the Trump administration has threatened to cut subsidies for electric cars (EVs) —…

Blockstack may revolutionize cybersecurity and data privacy

Disclaimer — I am not an expert on Blockstack or decentralization, but I do work in cybersecurity. I have had a strong interest in data…

008 | Finality in Blockchain Consensus | Programmer Explain

Any Bitcoin transaction is probabilistic? It means the succeed transaction that you saw might disappear.

5 Problems in the Gambling Industry Solved by Blockchain

The blockchain technology is on its way to become a part of our daily lives. Big enterprises are implementing modern blockchain solutions…

Governance of Blockchain Ecosystems (1/2)

When is decentralised Governance feasible? When is it inevitable?

ICO and cryptoassets investment process for (institutional) investors (part 1)

This is a part 1 in a series dedicated to pre-investment period.

Getting Started with Grin on Launch

Grin Mainnet Node/Wallet setup

The Cornerstone of Crypto Protocol Governance is Forkability, not Decentralization

A crypto protocol (that is, the institution of blockchain economies, a set of rules that constrain and motivate participants in the crypto…


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