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The front page of Deep Tech. Don't miss the latest advancements in artificial intelligence, machine learning, and blockchain. Straight from practitioners.

Sherman Lee

Founder @Raven_Protocol working on decentralized and distributed deep learning. Partner @Zeroth_AI funding AI/blockchain projects. Contributor @Forbes @HuffPost


world traveler, programmer, passion seeker, entrepreneur, positive energizer, living in the moment.

Kait Hanerfeld

Marketing Specialist at My-Take. We love to help organizations create smart connections with their consumers.đź’ˇ

Good Audience

The Front Page of Deep Tech. Don’t miss the latest advancements in blockchain, crypto, and artificial intelligence. Directly from the minds of practitioners.

Sardar Veerender Singh

Community Manager, Content Writer, Education Consultant and Entrepreneur

Latest Posts

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The digital marketing strategy for each business is different from others. The strategies that work for one industry are not necessary to…

Artificial Intelligence driving Mobile Technology

The future is here, Mobiles can now see, hear, sense and think in real-time.

How to Trade Bitcoin on Margin: The Definitive Guide [2020]

Trading Bitcoin on margin is maybe one of the more misunderstood terminologies in the cryptocurrency space for many newcomers, as while…

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An understanding of what is a Decentralized Bank and How is it Different From Traditional Banks?

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The advent of operational changes and alterations brought about by robotic process automation deployments have generated reactions and…


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