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A collection of technical articles and blogs published or curated by Google Cloud Developer Advocates. The views expressed are those of the authors and don't necessarily reflect those of Google.

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Robert Kubis

Google Cloud DA, Developer, Do-it mentality, Enthusiast. Enjoying tech trends, food, travel, all kinds of outdoor activities, flying. Views are my own.

Kaz Sato

Developer Advocate, Cloud Platform, Google Inc.

Reto Meier

Developer Advocate @ Google, software engineer, and author of “Professional Android” series from Wrox. All opinions are my own.

Mete Atamel

I'm a Developer Advocate at Google Cloud, helping developers with serverless and orchestration technologies

Will Curran

Senior Program Manager, Google Cloud.

Ryan McDowell

Data analysis ninja @ Google

Gabe Weiss

Husband, father, actor, sword fighter, musician, gamer, developer advocate at Google. Making things that talk to the Cloud. Pronouns: He/Him

Laurent Picard

Tech lover, passionate about software, hardware, science and anything shaping the future • ⛅ explorer at Google • Opinions my own

Lak Lakshmanan

articles are personal observations and not investment advice.

Michael Endler

Editorial at Google

Priyanka Vergadia

Developer Advocate @Google, Artist & Traveler! Twitter @pvergadia

Serene Yu Okawa

Google Cloud Developer Relations

Tony Pujals

Engineer / JavaScript advocate lead @GoogleCloud. You can follow or DM me on Twitter @tonypujals. #nodejs #deno #bunjs #dart #serverless

Tianzi Cai

Developer Relations Engineer, Google Cloud Pub/Sub

Alexis MP

Google Cloud Developer Relations

Ludovico Magnocavallo

Strategic Cloud Engineer @Google

Romin Irani

My passion is to help developers succeed. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Ivan Nardini

Customer Engineer at @GoogleCloud who is passionate with Machine Learning Engineering. The Lead of’s Engineering Lab.

Alok Pattani

Developer Advocate, Google Cloud

Renato Leite

Gen AI Solutions Architect @ Google Cloud

Jason Davenport

@Google Cloud. Opinions are my own.


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