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We write the stuff that sticks to your ribs and makes you wanna tell the world. Hope you saved some room!

Sam Floyd

Co-Founder — Grits & Gospel, Greenwood Athletics | Alternative Investments | Social Impact | Financial Literacy Advocate | Runner | @sdotfloyd

G&G Staff

Inspired junk science from a family of friends whom occasionally have a lot to say.

Troy Harris II

This feeling is brought to you by adrenaline and good rap. Still workin’ on my left —

Latest Posts

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Pt. 11 | 101–110

Force Majeures

Acts of God

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Biden vs. Trump, Congress & State Elections, and more election night predictions.

Family Business

Remembering my ancestors ahead of a historic election

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We’re joining forces with SCL to help make Dia de los Muertos a cross-cultural tradition

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Breaking free from the matrix will require a collective effort.

“The Let Out Vibe”

Allow me to reintroduce myself.

The Birth of Post-Modern Hip-Hop

[Extra] Ordinary: September 29, 1998


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