All about engineering at Grofers — one of India’s largest online grocery retailer.

Vaidik Kapoor

Software Engineer, Building Tech at Grofers

Ashish Dubey

Senior Software Engineer at Grofers | Continuous Delivery, Infrastructure, Web |

Grofers Tech Blog

Learn more about engineering at Grofers.

Vishesh Jindal

Infrastructure at Grofers

Sancheeta Kaushal

Innovation@Grofers #GetThingsDone

Devika Razdan

Product Engineering @Grofers | Ex Publicis.Sapient

Karthik Kamal B

Dreamer | Reader | Dancer | Cyclist | Agile/Lean Coach @AgileFAQs | TA Enthusiast | Co-Founder LiLLi (Live Let Live) | Co-Founder (We Read Therefore We Are)

Shakti Prasad SS

Here to learn from you.

Latest Posts

In Focus: Vishesh Jindal

Vishesh Jindal is an infrastructure engineer at grofers. He joined us in June 2015 as a fresher in the consumer backend team. He then moved…

Demystifying Failure

If I have to quote one valuable learning from our innovation journey, it has to be demystifying the true meaning of failure. Failure is one…

In Focus: Satyam Krishna

Satyam is an engineering manager with the data team at grofers. Prior to his work in the data team,he worked in the Android team followed…

Hackdays with Twists

Every Hackday at grofers has encompassed brilliant ideas while enabling teams to step back from their regular work activities. This event…

In Focus: Prateek Gupta

Prateek Gupta is an engineering manager for Supply teams at grofers. He joined us in May 2016 and helped build the warehouse tech team: he…

How to have fun at work

I am having a great time working at grofers right now.

Your next data hire should be a Product Manager (or how to get the most of your Data Team)

How do you apply the basic principles of product management to maximise the value created by your data teams? Let’s find out.

Canary rollouts — how we’re trying to safely deploy to Kubernetes

Over the last few months, I’ve had the opportunity to work on some really exciting problems in the cloud-native space, as an intern at…

An approach to refactoring a legacy codebase

Legacy code clean up and movement is like spring cleaning your home. It eliminates clutter and creates a less chaotic and more streamlined…

Women in Tech: Akanksha Priyadarshini

Bravery is being the only one who knows you’re afraid. — Franklin P. Jones


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