Sebastiaan de With

Freelance designer, photographer, motorcycle traveler. Designer of Halide.

Ben Sandofsky

Developer half of @halidecamera.

Latest Posts

Halide 1.14: Time to Get Switchy

Welcome to Halide 1.14, our first big update after a busy summer. We’ve spent the last few months preparing for iOS 13 and new hardware…

iPhone 11 Pro Preview: The Camera Hardware Changes

Last year, before the iPhone XS hit the store shelves, we took a look at the changes in camera hardware on the iPhone XS compared to the…

Halide: Our Contest Results

We’ve had an incredible amount of submissions to our contest! While we already got a steady stream of excellent photos tagged with…

Halide: Year Two

Time flies: today marks the two year anniversary of Halide.

A Spectre Retrospective: Part 3 — Engineering

This is the final part of our Spectre retrospective. In this post, I’ll talk about the technology behind a computational long exposure, a…

A Spectre Retrospective – Part 2: Design

One month ago we launched Spectre, our new long-exposure photography app. It was very well-received — I was so grateful to see not just…

A Spectre Retrospective — Part 1: Build a Feature or An App?

This is the first in a three part series about launching Spectre.

Beyond Spectre 1.0

Last month we launched Spectre, our first foray into computational photography.

Introducing Spectre

We’re excited to announce Spectre, our second app for iPhone.

Halide 1.12: Smarter Than Ever

Today we’re releasing Halide 1.12, which features two great enhancements.


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