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Jay Rodgers

I build things and I write about it. Follow me for updates on my latest work. Visual Studio Code for Chromebooks and Raspberry Pi: https://code.headmelted.com.

Latest Posts

Visual Studio Code for ARM64

And a few other updates regarding the nightly builds

Introducing Archie

Architecture-agnostic builds on Docker with Azure Pipelines’ free tier

Securing ASP.NET with free SSL/TLS certificates

SSL/TLS Everywhere with Let’s Encrypt

Securing ASP.NET Cookies

Part of a series on on securing ASP.NET applications

Continuous Delivery with Azure Pipelines and Github Releases

I recently published an article about building root filesystems for multiple architectures, in relation to cross-compiling applications…

Using QEMU to produce Debian filesystems for multiple architectures

This article discusses producing Debian filesystems for multiple architectures, if you just want to download the actual tarballs, they can…

How to build secure web applications

A high-level guide to getting security right for non-experts

Serverless Hosting Comparison

A head-to-head showdown of the providers fighting for your dollars

Coding for a serverless future

Looking down the road at zero-infrastructure development

Ten reasons not to be a contractor

How to know if setting your own course is asking for a shipwreck


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