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Darren Garrett

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Fan culture // books // etc. Editor: How We Get to Next. Digital projects: New Yorker. Co-host of Fansplaining & co-curator of The Rec Center.

Latest Posts

Astrology Doesn’t Have To Be Real To Make You Happy

Horoscopes aren’t supposed to give you all the answers—but they can help you treat yourself with compassion

Meatless #25: Olivia Hu

The co-founder of the Brooklyn-based Old Timers bar talks about building a more inclusive restaurant and drinking culture

Scientists Like Me Are Studying Your Tweets—Are You OK With That?

Anything “public” on social media may be fair game, but researchers should be more ethical about using that data

The Forgotten Woman Who Discovered the Greenhouse Effect

Why did Eunice Foote vanish from the history of climate science?

Meatless #24: Amy Quichiz

The founder of Veggie Mijas, a collective for vegan women of color, talks about social justice and food

Millennials Are Right to Kill the American Car

Many of us don’t want cars; let’s create a world where we don’t need them, either

Meatless #23: Toby Buggiani

The owner of Adelina’s, a Brooklyn-based Italian restaurant, talks about curating plant-based menus

Inaccessible Airways

Airlines deny disabled travelers their independence with patchwork policies and plain negligence

Zero Waste Shouldn’t Be A Privilege

We’re trying to sell each other more in order to use less

Meatless #22: Roopa Kalyanaraman Marcello

A public health expert — and the founder of Monsoon Sweets — talks about how the food industry keeps you unhealthy


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