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Ian Steadman

Editor, @HowWeGetToNext /

Darren Garrett

BAFTA-winning creative director for digital things, games, animation & storytelling in general. Part of team &

Elizabeth Minkel

Fan culture // books // etc. Editor: How We Get to Next. Digital projects: New Yorker. Co-host of Fansplaining & co-curator of The Rec Center.

Latest Posts

Choreographing the Physicality of My Bodies

When disabled people dance, it can change how nondisabled people see the relationship between technology and the body

It’s Time to End Germany’s Culture of Benevolent Exclusion

A decade after pledging to protect the rights of disabled people, Germany still struggles to treat us equitably

The Power of Finding a Disabled Community Online

As a bipolar mother, my digital spaces are a touchstone—they offer me support and help me define who I am

Creating Shared Spaces With Every Form of Language

The sitcom Speechless explores the ways that disability invites us to reconsider how we relate to and with other people

Disability Futures

Five writers on ways that disability is shaping our lives—and our futures

Remaking the Ideal Teacher

My students have shown me that it’s OK to center my nonstandard ways in the classroom

How We Think About the Future of Disability

Introducing a series of essays on how disability is central to all of our lives

Meatless #30: Chicago Part Two

Chefs and food writers defend their city as a place where vegetarians and vegans can find good food

Meatless #29: Chicago Part One

What makes for a good vegan city? The first of a two-part look at Chicago’s meat-free food scene

Online Shopping For More Than Just Good Value

From small talk to sustainability, we both win and lose as the internet reshapes how we browse and buy


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