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Belinda Lanks

Editor and creative lead of Magenta. Formerly of Bloomberg Businessweek, Fast Company, and WIRED. Pitch me at

Latest Posts

Don’t Doom Experiential Marketing Just Yet

But it is time to evolve from cotton-candy experiential fluff to more meaningful experiences.

It’s Time to Start Using Emotive Punctuation Marks

Emojis are great. But shouldn’t our punctuation also evolve to express our nuanced emotions?

Chef Adria Wu, Founder of Maple & Co, Wants You to Eat Happy

The entrepreneurial cook on leaving her corporate job for culinary school, her family roots in fresh food, and cooking with her eyes.

A Bike Helmet That Puts the User First

When designing the Scott Split Plus, the team at Huge decided to accommodate a cyclist’s multiple body positions.

How Instagram Launched the Career of a Truck-Obsessed Painter

The Belgian artist Alain Biltereyst on his love of blue, appropriating brand logos, and embracing the human touch.

How Muji COO Toru Akita Keeps His Daily Routine Super Normal

Adhering to Muji’s no-frills ethos, Akita reduces his schedule to the basics.

How Being Discovered By Apple Changed This Creative’s Career

After Apple licensed one of her amateur iPhone photos for an ad campaign, Cielo de la Paz decided to take a professional risk.

Helmut Koller’s Colorful Animal Kingdom

How the artist taught himself to paint and became the sole member of an art movement that he dubs Kollerism.

Why Productivity Gadgets Won’t Save Us

Technology isn’t standing in the way of our creativity; we are.

Beyond the Rainbow: Designing Pride Swag at Huge

An interview with the creative minds behind Huge totes, buttons, and copywriting.


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