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Jason Schlossberg

Co-founder of NYC/London communications agency Kwittken, Lover of Tsukune (つくね), Denim Head, Amazing Restaurant Orderer, Fan of Palindromes, Human Hot Spot, DJ

Latest Posts

The 5 consumer personas that will decide U.S. businesses’ post-isolation performance

A human — and humane — customer experience in the COVID crisis

Time Capsule Catalog

The Huge Asian Culture Collective celebrates the everyday items we associate with home.

What’s Streaming at Huge

Take a break from streaming services to check out Huge Interaction Designer Andy Kang’s Composting 101 session and special guest Chrise de…

Amid a Global Pandemic, the Internet Gives Us a Glimpse of the Future

Huge CEO Pete Stein writes about how we as a society can work toward creating the internet we want, need and deserve during this time of…

A Day In The Life: Wendy Berger

The co-founder of Illinois Women in Cannabis takes us through her day.

A Day In The Life: Kerry Pieri

Harper’s Bazaar Digital Fashion Features Director walks us through her day-to-day life.

What Women Want (When It Comes To Branding, That Is)

Huge Strategy Director Andii Davis writes about how brands can make sure they are properly connecting with their female consumers.

Spread The Love

Huge GVP of Technology Marc Maleh spoke with Huge employees to compile a list of small businesses to support during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Simplicity is Empowering

Jenny Patinkin shares her journey through beginning in the beauty industry at 40, creating an environment of female empowerment.

Making Money Moves

An Interview with Amanda George, Senior Visual Design Lead at Huge


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