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Belinda Lanks

Editor and creative lead of Magenta. Formerly of Bloomberg Businessweek, Fast Company, and WIRED. Pitch me at

Latest Posts

Brooks’ Mission: Making Running the World’s Most Inclusive Sport

Brooks CMO Melanie Allen talks about the brand’s Pride initiative and how running brings people together.

The Many Faces of Sculptor Wilfrid Wood

The British artist is on a mission to prove that there’s no such thing as a boring mug.

Designing Gender-Non-Conforming Clothes That Stand Out

How Sky Cubacub launched a clothing brand for people overlooked by the mainstream fashion industry.

How NASA Uses Social Media to Bring Space to Everyone

Social Media Lead Stephanie L. Smith outlines her best practices for using social media to further the agency’s mission.

3 Ways to Make Digital Content More Inclusive

A company may have a culture of open-mindedness, a respect for the LGBTQ+ community, and deep-felt commitment to equality for all. But its…

How Airbnb Built an In-House Architectural Design Team

According to the designer who, with his wife, helps translates Airbnb’s digital presence into physical experiences.

An Inside Look at the Coders Shaping Our World

Clive Thompson, the author of the new book Coders, pulls back the curtain on a group of influential computer programmers.

Music for Every Occasion

The designer-musician duo Lullatone explain their low-fi approach to making electronic “pajama-pop.”

The Next Frontier for AR? Your Ear

When augmented reality goes mainstream, you’re most likely to experience it through a product you already own — headphones.

Revealing the Person Behind the Design

The Clever Podcast’s Amy Devers and Jaime Derringer give designers an opportunity to talk about themselves, not just their projects.


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