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Jason Schlossberg

Managing Director, Global Head of Strategic Communications at Huge, Lover of Tsukune (つくね), Denim Head, Amazing Restaurant Orderer, Fan of Palindromes, DJ

Latest Posts

Gift Guide 2020: Give Where You Live & Love

Every year, we publish a gift guide. Let’s call it a tradition. And every year previous to this one, it’s felt pretty awesome to think…

COVID-19 survivors could decide the future of the country and your brand.

In a year of seemingly non-stop research about the impacts COVID-19 has had on our lives, there’s one topic everyone is talking about…

Finding resilience in a time of uncertainty

How elite athletes can help us all learn resilience.

White Abstraction: Why White people need to make anti-racism personal

Conversations focus on what White people can be doing to & for BIPOC folks — with little mention of what White people can do for…

Pod People: How the pandemic is accelerating a new kind of family

As more people band together during the pandemic, brands need to be aware of a massive shift in the definition of family‑and design…

The Party Must Go On: How the Resilient (and Restless) Music Industry is Adapting to COVID

Artists, brands, and fans get clever to beat the threat of a year-long pause on mass gatherings.

Knowing Is Not Enough

An essay on allyship.

The 5 consumer personas that will decide U.S. businesses’ post-isolation performance

A human — and humane — customer experience in the COVID crisis

Time Capsule Catalog

The Huge Asian Culture Collective celebrates the everyday items we associate with home.

What’s Streaming at Huge

Take a break from streaming services to check out Huge Interaction Designer Andy Kang’s Composting 101 session and special guest Chrise de…


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