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Belinda Lanks

Editor-in-chief of Magenta. Formerly of Bloomberg Businessweek, Fast Company, and WIRED. For more about me, check out

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Video: Experts Discuss How Color Plays a Role in Their Lives

Designers and forecasters discuss living, eating, and breathing color.

Becoming a Good Ancestor

An interview with Darien LaBeach, the diversity, equity, and inclusion strategy director at Huge.

Video: How to Build Brand Trust and Loyalty in the AI Age

Holden Bale, Huge VP of technology, talks about how companies can win our hearts by taking a responsible approach to collecting our data.

Building a Website Doesn’t Make You Digital

The next generation is shaking the foundation of the internet. Follow these four steps to keep them delighted and engaged.

Video: 5 Creatives on Balancing Their Side Hustles With Agency Life

How do they do it? For them, the real question is, How could they not?

How a Streetwear Brand Is Reclaiming Asian Symbolism

Graphic designer Kris Louie launched BACKMATTER as a way of combatting the appropriation of Asian motifs running rampant in fashion.

Introducing Magenta Loves, a New Talk Series

During February, Huge’s headquarters in Brooklyn will host discussions on the design, technology, and marketing strategies that win…

Calling All Women: Who Controls Your Data?

As female-targeted apps proliferate, users should demand that tech companies be accountable for how they use intimate data.

8 Major Trends We Saw at CES

This year, products and experiences that truly elevate our day-to-day experiences stole the show.

The 4 Biggest Retail Trends at NRF

And what the “Big Show” missed.


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