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Belinda Lanks

Editor and creative lead of Magenta. Formerly of Bloomberg Businessweek, Fast Company, and WIRED. Pitch me at

Latest Posts

Hacking My ADHD

Managing my time and energy can be challenging. Here’s how I combine digital and analog tools in a system that works for me.

Beneath a Pictorial Humorist’s Cheery Surface

Leonhard Hurzlmeier’s crisp, abstract paintings take on heavy issues such as war, peace, and immigration.

Spoofing the Advertising Industry from the Inside

Huge art directors Jae Who and John Spinnenweber bill their new project as a “shotgun blast to society.”

The Scourge of the Calendar App

My ongoing efforts to banish digital invites from social interactions.

How Idania del Rio Built Cuba’s First Independent Fashion

The cofounder of Clandestina opens up about her beginnings in graphic design, becoming a businesswoman, and the launch of her first New…

How to Brand Products Rife with Stereotypes

For starters, don’t lean on those cliches.

Huge Global CEO Pete Stein on Leadership

For the new head of the global experience agency, staying in the moment is a top priority in life and work.

The Days and Nights of Photographer Stephen Wilkes

On the occasion of a new monograph from Taschen, Wilkes reveals how he captures his bird’s-eye views.

Why Brands Should Target All the Senses

To be truly memorable to users, brands should go beyond the visual — to embrace touch, sound, scent, and even taste.

Designing with Purpose

Now the president of the AIGA, former White House Design Director Ashleigh Axios has placed social change at the center of her career.


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