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James Bond Is The Patron Saint Of White Masculinity

Rumors of a new non-white, non-male 007 made many fans furious — but these changes are inevitable

My Favorite Jean-Claude Van Damme Hairstyles

Seriously. His mullet was beautiful.

The Powerlessness Of Male Anger

Video of a misogynistic tantrum — and confrontation — in a bagel shop is a must-watch for dudes with hair-trigger tantrums.

The Erotics of Trent Reznor

Nine Inch Nails made videos where machines ate people’s organs — and were the last rock band to write a great love song.

Men Who Feast On Women

Jeffery Epstein is a special kind of sexual predator⁠ — rich, powerful, friends with Presidents.

Why Bruce Lee Is An Icon of Black America

The kung fu legend stood up for himself and taught others to do the same, no matter their skin color.

Wolverine Is Needy

He’s a teen diary in the body of a violent manimal. And this is why we love him.

The Best Make-Believe President Of All Time

America loves movies about fictional commanders-in-chief. Maybe we should elect one of those?

Darth Maul, Queer Icon

On seeing your honest true self in a Sith Lord

How To Survive The Post-Apocalypse

When civilization collapses I’ll be glad I watched History’s hit bladesmithing show ‘Forged In Fire’


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