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LEVEL Higher Learning. A publication from Medium for the interested man. 24,569
Humungus Movies. TV. Feelings. 5,000
WEG Pub We're cultivating the human spirit through compassion, shining on a light on problems of our time, and highlighting individuals of heroic nature. 116
letsnotbetrash A site for multidimensional men 76
Breaking the Boy Code A feminism-aligned publication on masculinity. 75
The Authentic Man The Authentic Man redefines 21st century masculinity and addresses topics other men don’t dare to talk about. Life purpose, emotions, fears, dreams, hopes, and love. Leave the chains of society behind and dare to live your life as a new, authentic man. 65
MindSnackz 90-Second Stories To Snack On 50
Remaking Manhood Manhood can seem mapped out for us by our dominant culture of masculinity’s rules for being a “real man.” Remaking Manhood seeks to end our isolating man box culture by encouraging boys and men to create something better. Have an article you think belongs here? Reach out to us. 48
/masc: Conversations on Modern Masculinity /masc is a space for conversation and creative exploration of modern masculinity. Posts are authored by Promundo Writing Fellows, a cohort of individuals with forward-thinking perspectives on masculinity and a passion for achieving gender equality. 42
What We Know About Masculinity+ What We Know About Masculinity+ is Promundo’s feminist-aligned research digest providing facts on men, masculinities, and the ways gender norms impact lives and communities. Each digest is based on Promundo’s 20+ years of research and program implementation. 8
Achilles Shield: Redefining Masculinity in the MeToo Era Random Musings from the bleeding edge of Post-Feminism 1
Masculinity with D. Masculinity can have a bad rap. Daniel Lyons, an Oakland based author, shares his experience of the ups, downs, and everything in between of a gender transition and all that comes with claiming masculinity. 1
Paper Arnold Stay up to date on the latest academic research on men, masculinities, and gender equality. 0