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"It doesn't occur to most people that everything is designed" - Bill Moggridge


Marketing, storytelling, media + comms. Background in enterprise tech, now in design land. Bay Area based, London born. Works at @IDEO and

Annette Ferrara

Senior Writer + Marketing Lead @IDEO + Co-Producer @MortifiedCHI

Devin Peek

Visual storyteller + designer @IDEO. Happiest with a camera in one hand and a chopsticks in the other. Passionate about nature, food justice, and real people.

Katrin Klausecker

Marketing @IDEO Europe. Ex-New York. Ex-Hong Kong. Native Austrian. Forever in love with Asia.

Saige Perry

Digital marketing @IDEO

Latest Posts

Putting Purpose into Practice

Organizations make the mistake of assuming that a strong purpose alone yields huge benefits. Turns out, it isn’t quite so simple.

When disparate approaches unite

When designing for the circular economy, we must bring different groups together and combine the seemingly contradictory.

Listening for Unintended Consequences

Mitigate potential negative outcomes

Anticipating Market Pressures, Takeovers, and Hacks

Guard against undesirable uses of data

Balancing Giving and Getting

Provide reciprocal value to people who share their data.

Capturing the Minimum Viable Data

Limit the amount of data to gather and retain.

Mapping Data + People

Create and share a big-picture view of how data flows through a system

Considering the System

Ensure human-centered benefits for individuals, communities, and humanity

Think About the People Behind the Data

Humanize the stories behind the numbers

Design Clear Handoffs

Clarify each moment in a person’s relationship with an intelligent system


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