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Khyati Jain

10x Top Writer| Certified Yoga Trainer| I write about health, fitness, lifestyle, and more. Open to writing gigs. Contact:-

Neeramitra Reddy

Eternal (Un)Learner ✦ 9M+ Views ✦ Connecting Dots and Souls ✦ For 360° holistic self-improvement → ✦ 📧

Darshak Rana

Engineer turned writer with 30M+ views online✦ Published in Business Insider and Reader's Digest✦ I share what I learn and practice✦ ✦

Alexa V.S.

Certified INFJ. Health & Fitness enthusiast. Fellow writer.

Nicole Linke

I talk about developing strength in body and mind. | Ultrarunner | Ultrarunning Coach | Newsletter:


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