In The Hudl

Behind the scenes of life at Hudl

Jordan Hofker

Engineer @Hudl. I also take pictures.

Matt Munger

Engineering Manager @ Hudl

Jordan Degner

engineering manager @hudl

Alli Pane

Writer, dog lover, PB&J fiend

Latest Posts

Maturing to Content Elements

Late in 2019, just seven months after the launch of Uniform, I shared a brief look at how we made words a focus of every possible…

Just How Unlimited is Hudl’s Unlimited Vacation?

Ever wondered what unlimited vacation is all about?

Parental Leave at Hudl

My Hudl career started May 2013 when I joined the coach support department three days after graduating from the University of Nebraska at…

Prototype Fidelity: It’s More than High and Low

The product design process suffers when individuals and teams fail to intentionally apply fidelity to a prototype. Fidelity doesn’t just…

What I Didn’t Know about Working at Hudl

I’ve been at Hudl for four months. There’s still a lot to learn, but here’s what I know so far.

Recommendations to avoid merge conflicts

Normally¹ when you merge 2 branches, your version control system can resolve the differences and merge them automatically. However, when…

Designing a System with Words

How our writing guidelines exist alongside color, typography and style

Uniform Icons Across Platforms

How we export icons to multiple platforms from a single source of truth.

Tech Internships @ Hudl

With the height of career fair season, we’re reflecting on all the excitement we get to share with the tech students who might join us for…

How We Boosted the Performance of Our React Native App

This post discusses the work done our React Native application to improve UI responsiveness. It doesn’t aim to be a list of best practices…


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