Inovia Conversations

Thoughts and insights on building game-changing companies and enjoying the journey — from the Inovia Capital team.

Antoine Nivard

Tech startups and a little bit of everything… VC at Inovia

Chris Arsenault

Entrepreneur turned VC w/Inovia Capital. A loving dad & husband, a founder, a funder and for ever a curious entrepreneur.

Ramit Kar

Co-founder of PlaceHolder Inc. Board Partner and former EiR @ Inovia Capital, Marketplace geek

Scott Munro

Public Company CEO and then founded an Investment Bank called Pagemill Partners (over 250 transactions). Now a Venture Partner at iNovia Capital.

Hannah Chelkowski

Early-stage investor — native Londoner living in SF

David Qixiang Chen

BenchSci CTO, neuroscientist, martial artist.

Todd Simpson

Partner, Inovia Capital. Science Fiction Author (

Latest Posts

Embedded Communications

Bits and pieces of “communications’’ are embedded in applications everywhere. Making consumer interactions easier and more pleasant and…

Letter to a founder about to raise a major growth round

Picking a Growth VC Firm is about making a partnership commitment of five to ten years. Some marriages don’t last that long. Our advice —…

Inovia welcomes two world-class partners: Krista Skalde joins as Chief Talent Officer and Steven…

Inovia is proud to announce that Krista Skalde has recently joined our team as Partner and Chief Talent Officer, and Steven Woods will join…

Inovia Q2: Over US$1B in primary and secondary financing, 4 new companies, SPAC merger

As Q2 comes to a close, there is much to be proud of. This last quarter saw the Inovia portfolio companies complete over US$1B in primary…

Inovia Session: The Great Board Commitment

Is your board accelerating your startup toward success, or does it feel more like a reporting tax? Great boards are essential to the…

Back in Business: How ResQ is Helping the Rapidly Rebounding Restaurant Industry

Emerging from COVID, we’re craving the kind of in-person contact we’ve missed during lockdown. After more than a year of cooking at home…

Riding the Wave: The Next Generation of Travel Companies Is Here

Of all the sectors impacted by COVID, the travel industry has certainly suffered more than most. For much of last year, airports were like…

Distinction or Extinction: Why It’s Game Time for Main Street

eCommerce has been cannibalizing Main Street’s sales for years, and thanks to the pandemic, that trend has exploded and doesn’t show any…

Building an open source developer stack to service the growth of contextual communication

Contextual communication uses conversation as an interactivity layer to the user interface (as opposed to a graphical user interface on…

Backing the world’s largest eCommerce investor: our continued support of ClearCo’s mission to…

Our first investment in Clearbanc was in Summer of 2015. We weren’t really sure where Andrew and Michele would ultimately take the…


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