Inovia Conversations

Thoughts and insights on building game-changing companies and enjoying the journey — from the Inovia Capital team.

Antoine Nivard

Tech startups and a little bit of everything… VC @iNovia

Chris Arsenault

Entrepreneur turned VC w/Inovia Capital. A loving dad & husband, a founder, a funder and for ever a curious entrepreneur.

Ramit Kar

Co-founder of PlaceHolder Inc. Board Partner and former EiR @ Inovia Capital, Marketplace geek

Scott Munro

Public Company CEO and then founded an Investment Bank called Pagemill Partners (over 250 transactions). Now a Venture Partner at iNovia Capital.

Hannah Chelkowski

Venture Capital at Inovia Capital — native Londoner living in SF

David Qixiang Chen

BenchSci CTO, neuroscientist, martial artist.

Todd Simpson

Partner, Inovia Capital. Science Fiction Author (

Latest Posts

Inovia actively recruiting for a Head of People and a Head of Communications to further build out…

At Inovia, we’ve been crafting our own venture model since starting our first fund in 2007. Over the years, we’ve built a highly…

Inovia Q3: US $1.2B raised by Portfolio during Covid, 4 Inovia new hires, Lightspeed IPO on NYSE

Capital raises: AppDirect closes a $185M round, Busbud CAD $15M, Clearpath Robotics CAD $6.6M, Drivewyze CAD $81.7M

Inovia Sessions: Building distributed and remote teams from Seed to IPO

The global pandemic has forced practically every company to operate as a globally distributed remote team. In the tech industry, this…

Building the Future of Subscription Commerce with AppDirect

Today, the question isn’t “should we have a digital business?” but rather “how fast can we launch a digital channel and how soon can we…

Welcome Andre Charoo: Inovia Venture Partner & Maple VC Founder

In 2019, we met Andre Charoo for the first time. And very quickly, we knew that we had to work with him. His shared vision for supporting…

Inovia Sessions: Rebuilding Healthcare’s Software Stack

In the first 6 months of 2020, the Digital Health space has seen an unprecedented amount of change as a result of the pandemic and rising…

Inovia Q1–2: AlayaCare $37M, Sonder $170M, Symend $52M, Workjam $50M, North acq.

Covid has offered time to reflect on a more inclusive definition of health

We share the following statement with you, as we did at our AGM with our investors.

As employees of Inovia Capital, it’s important to recognize the events of the last week that first took place in Minnesota and the…

IT and security compliance just got easier

Never miss a sale due to compliance delays

M&A During Covid-19 Times

We are living in very uncertain times — nothing that any of us have experienced in our lifetimes. While many of you may have lived through…


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