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Love the Problem Thoughts on using Continuous Innovation to build products your customers cannot refuse. By the makers of LEANSTACK and Lean Canvas: 21,131
Welcome to The Family Education, Leverage & Capital for European Founders 7,060
Acumen: Ideas Changing the way the world tackles poverty 3,061
ROI Overload Your source for Business, Technology, Marketing, Sales & Innovation. 2,770
#yesphx Stories, thoughts, and news from the Greater Phoenix startup and entrepreneurial community. 1,289
Costanoa Ventures We back tenacious and thoughtful founders who change how business gets done. 591
Aghy: IT Mompreneur Mother of three, owner & principal consultant of Search Explained, a small IT training & consultancy company. Based in Hungary, with an office in Budapest, customers and friends around the globe. 578
The Subversionist The Subversionist is a publication by @1517fund that features stories of people who are in protest of something they care deeply about. What are you rallying against? 373
Side Hustle A community of entrepreneurs earning financial independence and developing passive income through small business development, internet marketing, and alternative investments. 345
The Startup Growth The Startup Growth is a blog focused on telling the stories of entrepreneurs and business leaders. We speak to leaders in different industries to learn about their challenges and success stories. What the readers get out of it are lessons that they can apply to their journey. 259
GAN Community A highly curated community of accelerators, partners, and investors. 84
Wildcat - A POV Wildcat invests in early stage B2B & B2B2C startups leveraging key technologies such as Machine Learning/AI, IoT, and Cloud & Mobility in the following markets: Digital Health, EdTech, Enterprise SaaS, and FinTech. 75
Big Hairy Goals Screw dreams. Set Big Hairy Goals that scare you. From Entrepreneurship (we’re totally the Uber of Medium publications) to accomplishing that milestone athletic goal (marathon, ironman, 5k, losing 100 lbs), we should all have Big Hairy Goals we’re chasing. 46
NextFaze Smart developers for smart devices 39
Entrepreneuryork Learn How to Become a Successful entrepreneur to Start your own business. 38