Empowering Crypto Intelligence

Into The Block

Powering Crypto Intelligence

Jesus Rodriguez

CEO of IntoTheBlock, Chief Scientist at Invector Labs, I write The Sequence Newsletter, Guest lecturer at Columbia University, Angel Investor, Author, Speaker.


Father, Serial Entrepreneur, Board Member, Linkedin:LBOORD

Daniel Ferraro

Marketing director for Personal Twitter @danielferraros

Nicolas Contasti

Head of Sales & BD at IntoTheBlock

Alfredo Terrero

Co-founder and COO at IntoTheBlock

Francesco Galati

Business developer @IntoTheBlock / Proficient content Writer for the likes of the UN and INSEAD—Artist, Trader, Writer

Pedro M. Negron

Currently the research analyst intern at IntoTheBlock, directly involved with analysis of the most recent developments in crypto. Particularly Bitcoin and DeFi.


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