Invisible Illness

We don't talk enough about mental health.

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Ryan Fan

Believer, Baltimore City special ed teacher, and 2:40 marathon runner. Diehard fan of “The Wire,” God’s gift to the Earth. E-mail:

Marie Raven

American expat in Norway. She/her. Wants to help you to make more art and feel better about doing it. Also working on scary stories and sci-fi stuff.

Juliette Roanoke

Mother. Neuroscience, critical care, and home infusion registered nurse. Mental health combatant. Social justice seeker. Truth-teller.

Meredith Arthur

I work on emotional wellness products @Pinterest. I wrote the book Get Out Of My Head: Inspiration for Overthinkers in an Anxious World, out now.

elizabeth tobey

East coaster with a secret SF love affair. I enjoy juxtaposing things. Also: Cheese and tiny dachshunds.

Brooke Clayton

Human, writer, tree hugger, doggie mommy 🤍 Born in CO, living in Seattle, Iowa Hawkeye for life📍Helping your words find a home at Invisible Illness 📝


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