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David Sønstebø

Founder of IOTA

Dominik Schiener

Co-Founder @iotatoken

Ralf Rottmann

Founder of @grandcentrix, Germany’s leading SI for E2E Internet of Things solutions. IOTA Foundation Member Board of Directors. #IOT #DLT #IOTA

Navin Ramachandran

Co-founder of OpenCancer and PEACH. Medical doctor, educationalist and information researcher.

Cara Harbor

Head of Comms for IOTA Foundation.

Latest Posts

Welcome Philipp Blum to the IOTA Foundation

Philipp Blum is joining IOTA as Developer Advocate of the Ecosystem team. In this role, he will focus on growing and developing an IoT…

IOTA Research Grant Awarded to Professor Robert Shorten

The IOTA Foundation is proud to announce that Professor Robert Shorten is the recipient of a substantial research grant that will fund…

IOTA Area Codes — A proposal to geo-tag IOTA Transactions

IOTA is a flexible protocol that can be utilized in various ways. The most common is value transfer through the native token. However…

Welcome Marcos Andrade to the IOTA Foundation

Marcos Andrade lives in Altea, he is a Graphic Designer, born in Caracas, Venezuela. His passion is traditional illustration and animation…

Welcome Rajiv Shah to the IOTA Foundation

Rajiv Shah is a software engineer with experience in cross-platform mobile software development. His fascination with programming was…

Untangled Episode #7: IOTA Research Council & Department

In the seventh episode of Untangled, we are continuing in the realm of research and are talking to the IOTA Foundation’s new Director of…

MAM Update: C Libraries and Release

For those that may not already know, Masked Authenticated Messaging (MAM) is a second layer data communication protocol which adds…

A Coo-less Testnet

We are happy to announce the launch of znet, the first iteration of the Coordinator-less testnet. This testnet has in fact been alive for…

Qubic status update March 3rd 2019

February turned out to be an even shorter month than it normally already is. First, our previous update was a few days late, and in…


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