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David Sønstebø

Founder of IOTA

Dominik Schiener

Co-Founder @iotatoken

Navin Ramachandran

Co-founder of OpenCancer and PEACH. Medical doctor, educationalist and information researcher.

Cara Harbor

Head of Comms for IOTA Foundation.


Graphic Designer

Latest Posts

Consensus in the IOTA Tangle — FPC

This is the first in a series of posts that explain the consensus protocols described in IOTA Coordicide.

IOTA ESP32 Wallet

Now that CClient v1.0.0-beta is released, IOTA can implement a hardware wallet based on it…

Welcome Thabata Dias to the IOTA Foundation

Thabata Dias is joining IOTA Foundation as a Social Media Manager. In this role, she will focus on helping IOTA to grow its social media…

IOTA Newsletter #13 — $5 Million Coordicide Grants, STMicroelectronics Partnership & Introducing…

IOTA Announces $5 Million in Grants for Coordicide-related Research

Learning by example: IOTA Workshops

IOTA introduces a lot of new concepts such as the Tangle and Trinary, which make it seem difficult to use. Luckily we have some excellent…

IOTA Launches Coordicide Grant Applications

We recently announced our $5 million grant program for Coordicide-related research, which you can read about here.

Welcome Jonathan Shaffer to the IOTA Foundation

Jonathan Shaffer joins IOTA as a Senior Electrical Engineer, based out of Atlanta, Georgia, with expertise in programmable logic devices…

The 5th Cohort of IOTA Ecosystem Development Fund Grantees

Over the last months we’ve worked very hard on improving the Ecosystem Development Fund and making sure we spend the fund in the best way…

Dev status update, August 2019

As we mentioned last time, the monthly update has become less Qubic-specific as we’ve recognized the need for more information about…

Welcome Begoña Alvarez to the IOTA Foundation

Begoña Alvarez is a software developer with experience in high-end industrial applications and web services, and a passion for user…


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