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David Sønstebø

Founder of IOTA

Dominik Schiener

Co-Founder @iotatoken

Navin Ramachandran

Co-founder of OpenCancer and PEACH. Medical doctor, educationalist and information researcher.

Cara Harbor

Head of Comms for IOTA Foundation.


Graphic Designer

Thabata Dias

Social Media Manager for IOTA Foundation

Latest Posts

Dev Status Update — May, 2020

Published by the IOTA dev team every month, this update will provide you with news and updates about our key projects! Please click here…

In the last couple of years, the IOTA Foundation started to proactively participate in…

The trust of the IOTA Foundation as partners in such initiatives has grown since then. We are now glad to see that, following the…

Release strategy for Chrysalis (IOTA 1.5)

One of the IOTA Foundation’s primary roles is to define and deliver on a development roadmap that moves IOTA towards production-readiness…

Welcome Lucas F. G. Nogueira to the IOTA Foundation

Lucas F. G. Nogueira is joining IOTA as a Software Engineer of the Engineer team. In this role, Lucas will focus on the Trinity wallet…

An Introduction to IOTA Smart Contracts

I want to thank my colleagues in the IOTA Foundation who provided input and feedback for this article. In particular, Eric Hop, who headed…

ZERO defects, Digital Twins, and IOTA

Pickert and the IOTA Foundation jointly demonstrate the power of zero defects and digital twins for manufacturing.

IOTA Experience Teams

At the IOTA Foundation, we have always celebrated and supported the many achievements of the IOTA community. By its very nature, the…

IOTA Newsletter #20 — Aiming for Simple, Crypto Rating Council, Dev Update, Research Update & more.

Continue getting our latest updates directly in your inbox! To comply with GDPR, we ask you to simply check the latest newsletter we sent…

Announcing a Coordicide Grant on Cellular Automata in IOTA

We are thrilled to announce that work has now begun on a grant designed to extend IOTA’s consensus mechanism. Dr. André Vilela and Dr…


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