Stories by team of developers and designers.

Łukasz Sowa

Software engineer, co-founder of Iterators

Jacek Głodek

Products, UX, big software systems, design-thinking and processes | while having great time @

Marcin Rzeźnicki

Using Scala to build most composable and concise business logic @

Latest Posts

How to turn ugly Java APIs into elegant, type-safe Scala APIs

One of the reasons people use Scala is to have access to vast amount of Java libraries.

Crushing boilerplate with Scala macros

One day we took on the problem of where our developers were losing time due to mindless, recurring boilerplate they were forced to write…

Extending RequestContext in akka-http for fun and profit

Sometimes it’d be nice to put some additional information into RequestContext to have it available at all times during request processing…

Free Monads in Web Stack — Part I

How to use Free Monads in Scala web applications


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