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Acceptance Test-Driven Development in .net core with Specflow

Why and how to move from unit tests only into acceptance tests written in BDD with Specflow.

The fundamentals of microservices-oriented architecture

Microservices architecture has gained popularity in recent years; and for a good reason: implemented correctly, microservices can bring…

configure IIS with ruby on rails app on windows server

As the title looks strange, RubyOnRails application deploy on Windows Server??? really???

A Workerpool From Scratch in TypeScript and Node

Dive into the heart of nodejs by building a managed workerpool for optimal scalability.

One Domain — Multiple Next.js Apps

A quick tutorial on how to use Nginx to serve multiple Next.js apps on a single domain using sub-directories.

Angular End To End (e2e) Testing With

An End to End Test is a methodology used to test an application from a user’s perspective. It ensures that the application behaves as…

How to Start Thinking Functionally in JavaScript

Imperative vs declarative code by example

Setting Up CI/CD For Flutter With Codemagic

Write good software and build products faster at the same time with CI/CD.

How to integrate Dapr and Azure Event Hubs using Kafka bindings

A previous blog post demonstrated how to use Azure Event Hubs as a resource binding in Dapr. Resource Bindings provide a way to trigger an…

Istio as an Example of When Not to Do Microservices

I’ve been pretty invested in helping organizations with their cloud-native journeys for the last five years. Modernizing and improving a…


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