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Latest Posts

Micro In Action, Part6: Service Discovery

This is the 6th article in the series of articles “Micro in Action”, discussing Micro. Today’s topic is Service Discovery.

Using Kafka with Dapr on Kubernetes

Kafka bindings with Dapr with Kubernetes and Azure Event Hubs

Deploying the Ambassador Edge Stack as an Ingress Controller for Kubernetes with TLS

Get traffic into your Kubernetes cluster in less than 5 minutes

Kubernetes Multi-Cloud and Multi-Cluster Connectivity with Submariner — Test CockroachDB…

The initial trend of Kubernetes based platforms was to build large, multi-tenant Kubernetes clusters. Now, it is getting more and more…

How to use Maps & Sets in JavaScript

Learn how to leverage these new collection objects in your code

Expose local Kubernetes service on internet using ngrok

Working with local Kubernetes cluster such as minikube, k3s, microk8s or others is great for testing new features, experimenting and…

Serverless Framework: Warming up AWS Lambda to avoid “cold start”

Today we are going to learn: What it is the AWS Lambda “cold start” issue How to avoid the cold “start issue” using a plugin made available

How To Name Containers And Wrappers In BEM

Are you unclear on BEM best practices for the naming conventions of wrapper and container CSS classes?

Making TensorflowJS work faster with WebWorkers.

Improving the performance of running Tensorflow models in web applications.

Test Automation in React Native using Appium

In this article I will discuss how to do a simple UI test automation in React Native using Appium.


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