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Kiarash Irandoust Common commuter between the realms of sanity and insanity, reasoning and emotions, reality and fantasy.

Latest Posts

How Angular evolves? By not being opinionated where it shouldn’t be!

Everyone thinks of Angular as a giant opinionated framework that has everything out of the box and will solve your problems without…

7 React Clean Code Tips You Should Know

In this article, I’ve summarised seven practical tips for you to write maintainable React code.

Journey Of A Microservice Application In The Kubernetes World

Security considerations : detecting misconfigurations

The new test framework built-in to Node.js 18.8.0

The no-dependency-required way to create test suites for Node.js applications

It’s ok to use function calls in Angular templates!

“You should never use function calls on Angular templates!” — That’s what you will see all over the internet! And I’m here to prove you…

Observability strategies to not overload engineering teams.

implementing a certain level of Observability at your company without requiring engineering effort, is a dream for everyone on that…

What Makes LISP Unique?

Exploring the homoiconicity feature of LISP and how it makes LISP more of a language for languages

Let’s build a Native(-like) Web App (NWA)

…and with that, I mean a web app that works and feels exactly like a native app.


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