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Securing Modular Monolith with OAuth2 and Spring Security

Where does Authentication and Authorization related code fit in a Modular Monolith? Let’s take a look with Spring Security and OAuth2.

You probably shouldn’t use log.Fatal to shutdown your Go services

Did you know log.Fatal doesn't run deferred functions?

How to Migrate Terraform State Between Different Backends

The Terraform state file holds important information about your infrastructure, and so should be treated carefully when you need to move it…

Why Won’t My Phone Connect to Public WiFi?

Understanding Captive Portals and an Ingenious Way to Trigger Them

How to Implement PDF reader for Chrome (Android version) in OutSystems 11

These days it is normal, in the context of web applications, to open PDF files in the browser itself. One of the most used browsers is…

Unlocking Your Tech Wonderland by Combining GitOps, Platforms and AI

Why is Kubernetes so complicated, why is the ecosystem so large and how is this related to platforms? Read about this and more …

Conquering Multi-Cluster Kubernetes with Centralized Add-on Management

Problems Solved by Add-on Fleet Management Solutions

ODC — What we have learned so far

At LINKIT, our Outsystems Developer Cloud (ODC) journey has started with our first client project in ODC. The goal of this project is to…

Managing Winglang Libraries with AWS CodeArtifact

Needs, Challenges, and Solutions

Reactive Manifesto — and why we commit to it

The technological landscape has witnessed a revolutionary shift over the past decade, with a significant emphasis on building responsive…


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