Journalism Innovation

Ideas, Experiments and Explorations in Entrepreneurial Journalism, from the Tow-Knight Center at the Craig Newmark Graduate School of Journalism at CUNY

Carrie Brown

Social journalism director at Newmark Graduate School of Journalism in NYC. Runner; beer & Packers enthusiast.

Jeff Jarvis

Blogger & prof at CUNY’s Newmark J-school; author of Geeks Bearing Gifts, Public Parts, What Would Google Do?, Gutenberg the Geek

Jeremy Caplan

Director of Teaching and Learning @NewmarkJSchool; Former @Time Reporter | I love learning, teaching & sharing.

Jan Schaffer

J-Lab's Founder & Executive Director Entrepreneur in Residence, American University School of Communication News Startups, Emerging Media, J-Innovations

Matt MacVey

🗞Journalism sustainability and innovation 👾Immersive Journalism 👷‍👨‍💻Newmark Graduate School of Journalism (CUNY)

Hal Straus

Working at Newmark J-School to help journalists learn what they need to know.

Max Resnik

Max is a CUNY Social-J and Tow-Knight alum and former Media Team Lead for Cortico/Local Voices Network — find him @maxresnik

Anita Zielina

Innovation, change, leadership, product in digital/media. 💪 Training innovative leaders @newmarkjschool. Austrian in NYC.


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