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Predrag Gruevski

System Architecture Engineer @Kensho // GraphQL compiler author // @MIT alum // rocket nerd, hockey player, not from around here 🇲🇰

Georg Kucsko

Machine Learner | Rock Climber | Quantum Mechanic

Caroline Gerenyi

Caroline works for Kensho Technologies in their Washington DC office.

Keenan Freyberg

Product Manager, Machine Learning at Kensho

Latest Posts

Goodhart Strikes Again

How the old statistical trap of Goodhart’s law is more pervasive in machine learning than we realize.

Why I, a Cisgender Man, Include Pronouns in My Workplace Email Signature

(and in my LinkedIn profile, Zoom and Slack display name, personal email signature, name tags…)

pyctcdecode — A new beam search decoder for CTC speech recognition

At Kensho R&D we develop tools and products for applications in NLP. pyctcdecode is a fast CTC beam search decoder written in Python.

Carbon neutral certification just got a whole lot easier

Authors: James Ross and Julian Goetz

SPGISpeech: 5,000 Hours of Fully-Formatted Financial Audio for Speech To Text

Last year we released Scribe, an end-to-end neural speech-to-text (STT) system for financial audio. During training, Scribe leverages a…

Making large-scale data systems usable with schema renaming

When working with large, complex datasets, it’s vital to be able to efficiently find the data you need for a given task. Database schemas…

Kensho commits to carbon offset program focused on cloud computing footprint

You may be familiar with the stats about our individual and household carbon footprints in the US. In 2020, America’s CO2 emissions per…

Kensho Launches New Text Analysis Product, Kensho NERD

Kensho announced today the launch of its latest product, Kensho NERD, a cutting-edge machine learning system that unlocks the full…

Kensho Announces retirement of Adam Broun and New CEO, Bhavesh Dayalji

Kensho announced this week that CEO Adam Broun will be retiring at the end of April, and COO Bhavesh Dayalji will be moving into the CEO…

S&P Global’s AI innovation hub, Kensho, launches advanced machine transcription tool for business…

CAMBRIDGE, Massachusetts — Kensho Technologies, the AI Innovation hub for S&P Global, announced today that its machine transcription…


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