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Marcin Moskala

Kt. Academy creator, co-author of Android Development with Kotlin, author of open-source libraries, community activist. http://marcinmoskala.com/

Halina Kt Academy

Business Development Manager @ Kt. Academy

Latest Posts

The Lesson we Skipped in Jetpack Compose ☄

Core concepts of Composables and its helping hands — Episode III

Error Handling the Kotlin Way

Kotlin’s unique history within the JVM has lead to many design decisions that have shaped what we call idiomatic Kotlin today

What do the “is” and “as” Keywords in Kotlin mean?

A bit on type inference and type casting

SwiftUI v/s Jetpack Compose

The epic showdown of the mobile app development arena! Get ready to compare the full insight of their frameworks.

Automating Deletion of GitHub Packages with Kotlin Script

Writing a Kotlin Script article, which makes API calls to GitHub API to fetch and delete certain GitHub Package versions.

Everything about Jetpack Compose Navigation

Learn about Nested, BottomAppBar, and Dialog Navigation— in Jetpack Compose

Jetpack Compose Android Beginner’s Series 🚀

A straightforward no — nonsense insights leading you from foundational basics to advance.

What are inline value classes in Kotlin and when you should use them

A value class in Kotlin holds a single immutable value which can be inlined on compilation removing the wrapper type and using the…

Apply Ktlint To Your Android Project

Increase the code quality and consistency in your projects

Measuring sequences

Let’s look under the hood and understand how sequences work and how we get performance benefits.


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