Kyn and Rapha

Finding meaning through chaos.

Daniel Manary

Writer, software engineer, and @uwaterloo MathPhys grad.

Arianne Manary

Nolite te bastardes carborundorum.

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I am mining my own business.

I got home with bags full of necessities. My hands were full and my stomach was empty, but I didn’t think my roommate would hear my…

I don’t even like thinking about my own future.

“What’s on your mind?” stared me in the face like a person at a ticket counter that couldn’t be bothered. Except the text didn’t really…

And that’s when they threw cucumbers at me.

It was intriguing to me how there was a certain quality all student initiatives had. They felt like a mafia, but they only wanted to air…

So, being a dude is a bad thing?

I was a dude. That shouldn’t be a surprise, but it was shocking. Let me tell you how I found out.

Steak is always worth it.

My succulent steak awaited the only proper seasonings a steak should have. I took the black pepper grinder and covered it liberally. I took…

Has anyone ever flipped a bill to ask it questions?

I was standing outside my favourite place: the coffee shop. I’m not sure why I was outside. It was nice to see my breath and all, but the…

He’s as bitter as my coffee.

She said something witty. “I don’t think that’s right,” I stared at my coffee some more, admiring my reflection in the black sheen…

Stories are for asking questions.

The plate of homemade chocolate chip cookies in front of me looked incomplete. I wondered why so hard, I stroked my beard until it fell…

An addict waiting for their next hit.

“Sacrebleu! Mon fromage!” yelled a patron who had just walked in. Then he became the almost-patron who had just walked out. I wished I had…

Man does not live by bread alone.

“Testing, testing, one-two-three,” the stage manager announced. It wasn’t a particularly interesting announcement.


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