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8 User Experience Mistakes to Avoid For Product Design

There are 2 things in this world where if you mess up in certain social situations, the memory will haunt you for the rest of your life…

What’s the Discovery Phase of App Development?

The road to a successful app development is long and wearisome. It can take anywhere from 4 months to a year. Every step you take will…

Software Product Development Considerations (For Teams)

My business partner always tells me to keep the box and receipt for new hardware items at least for the first week, because there’s a high…

Swift animations for iOS

This tutorial is the second in series to this article.

Applying kMeans clustering to restaurants from GooglePlaces API (Part I)

Margo is a millenial who likes to eat out a lot. She works downtown and wants to move to an apartment that’s close to her work, food, gym…

Swift and UIKit Basics for Animations in iOS

What you need to know about Swift and some beginner concepts about views, frames and other UIKit concepts on a need to know basis.

Design an Error Handling System before you structure your App or Software Project (Part I)

Thinking about an Error Handling System in your app can improve the reliability and maintainability of your app exponentially. Out of the…

Mini Tutorial for PhotoKit

I’m creating a short tutorial on fetching an image from photo library and displaying that image on our storyboard. This will ask for user…

What to consider when making a chat app

For years, I’ve used apps like Whatsapp and Skype while taking for granted all the little features that make the apps so great. There are…


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