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Thoughts on using Continuous Innovation to build products your customers cannot refuse. By the makers of LEANSTACK and Lean Canvas:

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Ash Maurya

Author of Running Lean, Scaling Lean, and Creator of Lean Canvas - Helping Entrepreneurs Find Their Business Model @LEANSTACK.

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The True Value of Your Time

Time is our scarcest resource. Other resources like money and people can fluctuate up and down, but time only moves in one direction.

In Search of Unicorns

The traditional startup funnel is broken.

Start With Mindset

Time flies. We’re already at the 10 year anniversary of the Lean Startup. Yes, it was a little over 10 years ago that Eric Ries started…

Level up your entrepreneurial game with our battle-tested playbooks

If you’re a long time reader of this blog, chances are high you’ve read my first book: Running Lean. But did you read my second book…

What is a Job-To-Be-Done (JTBD)

You’ve probably run into the jobs-to-be-done framework/theory. I did several years ago when I first stumbled into the Milkshake Study…

The Root Cause for Innovation Theater and How to Avoid It

In a recent post, I shared a reference implementation of an innovation funnel built on the Continuous Innovation Framework and cautioned…

“Lean Startup, or Business Model Design, or Design Thinking?” is the Wrong Question

In order to achieve breakthrough innovation, you shouldn’t be limiting yourself to any one of these frameworks, but rather using all…

Reorder your Chain of Beliefs with a leaner Lean Canvas

In my last post, I described how sketching an idea on a Lean Canvas is akin to stacking a chain of beliefs. Later links rely on earlier…

What is the Right Fill Order for a Lean Canvas?

A question I get a lot is: Why isn’t the Lean Canvas laid out more logically? Anyone that has attempted to fill one can relate. You have…

Give Yourself Permission to Scale

It’s been a busy 3 weeks since Steve’s last meeting with Mary. Her advice about first using demos for defining (before building) an MVP…


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