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Justin Mardjuki

Business Operations at LifeLink

Greg Kefer

CMO at LifeLink

Greg Johnsen

Tech entrepreneur, strategist, evangelist, healthcare industry change agent, CEO at

Kelly How

Customer Success Manager at LifeLink

Latest Posts

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Consumerism is the new buzzword in healthcare. Health system, payer, and pharma executives all recognize that the industry must evolve and…

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Companies these days are killing the service game. It’s no longer just about the quality of a product anymore. Instead, it’s about how the…

Talking Technology in Healthcare — Does the Privacy Bar Change? I Sure Hope Not.

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On zip codes and grocery stores: the importance of social determinants of health

Two 60 year old women live 10 miles apart in the Washington DC area. They’ve both been prescribed beta-blockers for high blood pressure…


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