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Justin Mardjuki

Business Operations at LifeLink

Greg Kefer

CMO at LifeLink

Greg Johnsen

Tech entrepreneur, strategist, evangelist, healthcare industry change agent, CEO at

Kelly How

Customer Success Manager at LifeLink

Latest Posts

Scheduling a Doctor Appointment? Why “Give Us a Call M-F, 8–5” Won’t Cut It

Imagine you’re shopping for a new set of earbuds online. You do a Google search on your smartphone, maybe you hit Amazon and Best Buy for…

Overnight Arrival: Market Growth Phase for Conversational Healthcare Technology

“In January 2020, I had an objective to help create the market for conversational chatbots in healthcare. I estimated it would take…

Innovating to Engage COVID-19 Patients in an Environment of Exponential Growth in Demand

As I write this, COVID-19 is spreading rapidly around the world. The response to slow the spread of the virus has been significant and…

Conversational Technology Clears one of Technology’s Big Hurdles — Friction.

Has the time come where every consumer is able to use powerful, mobile tech of their choice, without needing a manual and YouTube video to…

Conversational Technology and Clinical Trials

Overcoming recruitment and enrollment hurdles with advanced mobile technology

Why do Innovators Continue to Underestimate User Adoption?

In Healthcare, patient engagement with IT has a very high bar.

Conversational Technology and Configuration

What Kind of Platform is Required to Engage Patients?

A Discussion About Healthcare Chatbots and Value

Value is at the core of any technology solution. From early stages of the buying process, through implementation and beyond, a hyper focus…

The Prescription Patient Support Math Problem: Can You Spare 44,000 Years to Help Everyone Out?

In the United States, the appetite for prescription medication shows no signs of slowing down. In 2018, Americans filled a record 5.8…


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